How to Complete Breakneck in Destiny 2

This entire level is a meme

We’re four missions into the Lightfall campaign and things are just starting to heat up. Let’s get right into it. Here’s how to Complete Breakneck in Destiny 2.

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How to Complete Breakneck in Destiny 2

Well, we’re going into the thick of Vex territory, but it’s necessary if we want to save the Cloud Ark and all of Neomuna’s digitally uploaded people. But it’ll be a nice change of pace after the legions of Cabal we’ve had to face these past few missions.

Remove Vex from the Neptunian Reactor: Advance to the Reactor

Jump on your Sparrow, then drive down the road, towards the tunnel. Keeping heading straight until you reach Liming Harbor.

Remove Vex from the Neptunian Reactor: Fight your way into the reactor complex entrance.

Jump off your Sparrow before you turn the corner because there are Cyclops waiting to shoot you. Take cover beneath the nearby crates and gun them (and the Hobgoblins they’re keeping company) down. Climb up to the platform they were on, then take out the rest of the three Cyclops in the valley just below their platform.

Jump down into the valley… and yeah, there are going to be five more Cyclops. But don’t head into the room to the right yet. A whole hoard of Vex will spawn, but a quick grenade will make fast work of them.

Take out the Cyclops, using the pillars as cover, then enter the building. This room will be absolutely swarming with Vex. You’ll encounter half a dozen Hobgoblin, a similar number of Goblins, one Wyvern, one Minotaur, and as you climb the stairs… another Cyclops.

Clear them all out and head up the stairs. There will be a square platform you can jump onto. Use it to ascend to the next floor.

Turn the corner and you’ll enter Radiosonde.

There will be a Strand node beside you. Interact with it, and you’ll get the notification The web is revealed…

Really, what this means is that we’ll have to turn around and start grappling. Head onto the platform for a Strand grapple tutorial. Hold on to the grapple button to swing across the gap. Turn slightly right, and you’ll see another green orb you can grapple to. You’ll fling forward, but remember to still jump in order to hit the next platform.

Enter the Reactor Building: Break down the door and fight through the plaza

Head up the stairs and towards the clear door. It won’t open – you’ll need to shoot out the glass. Doing so will break the door.

Use the campaign banner and step forward. You’ll immediately be met with a huge swarm of Goblins… and one Cyclops. At this point, the level designer is definitely having a laugh. But actually, I found this part really fun. One grenade or grenade launcher hit, and they all go boom. Very satisfying!

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Clear out the room, go straight, and you’ll find yourself in the real mini-boss room. There will be Hobgoblins, four Minotaur, and yes, two Cyclops in the back. But the real boss is the yellow bar Malignant Wyvern. Clear out the Cyclops in the back first before handling the Wyvern.

With the Wyvern cooked, claim your checkpoint chest and shoot out the glass doors right behind the chest.

In the next room, a Wyvern will be hiding on the right side, just out of view. It will also have a bunch of Harpy friends. But they’re not that aggressive, so they’re fairly easy to take out. Go right towards the door, then turn left. You’ll see some vents that are slightly askew. Shoot them out and climb inside.

Get to the Reactor: Find a way past the Vex barrier

You’ll then need to climb up on the platforms. You’ll land on a small balcony, which you can use to crawl into the next room.

There will be several Consumed Goblins twitching around a Vex structure. Kill them. Then the shield around the Vex structure will drop. Shoot the square. The room will then fill with Goblins and one Wyvern. Whenever I see a Wyvern, I immediately throw a Nova Bomb because I hate them. But do whatever you feel is necessary and right to clear out the room.

With that done, turn towards the wall where you see some stacked boxes. Climb on top and re-enter the vents.

Turn left, and you’ll find… two more vents. Shoot them out and drop into the next room. You’ll see a set of stairs. Climb them and Goblins will begin to spawn. But what you need to be wary about is the platform to your left. From this platform, Hobgoblins, Minotaur, and Harpy will begin to shoot at you. Clear them out and climb your way up to the platform they were on.

Here, you’ll see another Vex artifact and a few Consumed Goblins. Put down your campaign banner and get ready for a fight.

Boss Fight 1

Kill the Consume Goblin to drop the barrier around the cube at the top of the Vex structure. Shoot out the cube, and Calixite System Ward Finality will spawn, along with several other Goblins. Do a third or half damage to Calixite and it will flee. It will be replaced by a Wyvern and more Goblins.

Because of the tight quarters of this room, I found a grenade launcher to be very helpful.

Get to the Reactor: Push back the Vex defenders and find a path to the reactor.

Now, let’s chase Calixite down.

Near the entrance of the room, to the left, is a pipe that extends into the wall. Just past the pipe is a vent. Shoot out the vent and climb into it. You’ll see wires sparking with electricity. Jump over them without touching them.

Move forward, then turn left, to see another room with Consumed Goblins surrounding a Vex artifact. You know what to do. Kill the Consume Goblins, shoot the cube, and get ready for boss fight part 2.

Calixite will spawn with Goblins, Consumed Goblins, and Harpy. Kill out the mobs first, as it’s a small room, then shoot down Calixite. Once it gets below one-third health, it will teleport away. And, again, it will be replaced with another mob and a Wyvern.

Kill this hoard and find these thick tubes in the wall. This is the entrance to the backspace we’ll be navigating. Follow it left, then platform upward until you hit another vent grate. Shoot out the grate.

It’s time for part three. It’s routine now, right? Kill the Consumed Goblin, shoot the cube, fight (and kill) Calixite.

Destroy the Vex Energy Parasites

Fortunately, no Wyvern spawns in at the end of this fight. Now, you’ll just need to destroy the three vex squares scattered around the room. Two are on the ceiling, one is against the wall. They are all connected to the wires.

With that done, you can finally reboot the reactor.

Find a way out of the building

Turn around, and you’ll see a door above the normal door, bathed in light. Climb up into it and ascend the stairs. You’ll enter a pink room, which has a few Goblin. But give it a few moments and it will absolutely be choked to the brim with Cabal. Use the side platforms to your advantage to cut down their numbers. With that done, look against the right wall on the top platform. There will be a vent you can shoot out and climb through.

Again, the level designers are having a laugh.

Once you’re in the vents, jump up and be wary – there is a Scorpius waiting to unload a clip into you. Knock it out quickly. Where it was, will be another Strand node. Interact with it to regain your grapple abilities.

Grapple towards the green orb, then up towards the platform blocked by a vent. Shoot out the vent before trying to jump to it. Important to note, you can grapple towards any ledge. You don’t need an orb to do so.

Escape the Building.

You’ll enter a large room with a reactor inside. And a place to put down a campaign banner.

Put down the banner, and you’ll be faced with a room full of Cabal… and two Tormentors. Fortunately, they’re not as difficult as the previous ones.

Maintain the usual strategy of clearing the room of mobs and focusing on one Tormentor at a time. Always maintain distance and take cover when they use their scythe attacks. If you see a Tormentor jump, run in the opposite direction.

It’s like a very awkward dance

Once they’re defeated… you’re going to have to be very fast. You’ll have two minutes to escape the building. This is a bit harder than the Downfall mission because it requires a bit of platforming while getting shot at by Scorpius . It’s okay to not get it the first time.

So, let’s get into it.

Locate the vent against the wall.

From where you originally entered the room, the vent will be on the wall on your right. Shoot it open and run through the corridor. On your left side will be a Scorpius. On your right will be the door you need to drop down from.

Shoot the Scorups, then claim the Strand node behind it.

Drop into the next room.

When you drop into the next room, you’ll be assaulted by two Scorpius. Kill them, then head onto the other side of the room and look up. There will be a green orb you can grapple to. Do so, and you’ll see another orb in a small entrance.

Your Ghost will give you instructions at this point. Enter the room, then turn left.

Jump up into a narrow corridor. At the end of it will be another Scorpius . Kill it, enter the room, and turn left. There will be another Scorpius.

Platform up.

Kill the second Scorpius and stand where it was. Look up. At the ceiling will be a green node. Grapple towards it.

You’ll see another corridor, turn right. It will terminate in a room with another Scorpius. Look up, and grapple upwards.

 You’ll be pulled into a new room… which has a Colossus Legionary and Psions. Use your Strand Ultimate to make short work of them. Once they’re dead, shoot the barrels at the end of the room near the glass doors to break the doors.

You’ll be sucked out of the ship, where you’ll land on the platform and in front of a chest. And really, you deserve the loot. Congrats on finishing!

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