How to Complete Barotrauma in Destiny 2

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Midway through the Season of the Deep and we’ve got an entirely new mission activity. And this time, we’ll need to find Ahsa. Xivu Arath might have captured our dear Nessie, and it’s our job to get her back. Here’s how to complete Barotrauma in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Barotrauma in Destiny 2

Ahsa might be one of the most mysterious forces we’ve met in Destiny 2 in the Season of the Deep, and now she’s gone missing. So, let’s go save her.

Launch the Barotrauma Mission

From the H.E.L.M. map, select the mission icon beneath Salvage and Deep Dives. It should read Barotrauma.

Search and Rescue

Once you load into the mission, step forward. You’ll fall into the water. Continue straight until you reach an open room with a huge circular hole to the left. Drop inside, but not onto the fan. You’ll need to flip the switch near it to turn off the blades.

Screenshots by Prima Games | Red square marks the switch you’ll need to flip

Once the fan is off, jump down.

You’ll see a cave to the left, which has some geometrical Vex-like coral on top of it. Go through this cave and drop. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll see another path to the left. Take that path, and you’ll see a door.

Go through the door.

Break the Taken Defense: Taken Defeated

Finally, we can breathe without bubbles. And now we’ll need to tackle a few Taken hoard. Open the door to your left and you’ll see a familiar sight. There will be plenty of Taken here, including Vandals, Psions, Centurions, and Knights.

Defeat them all, and the rest of the team will call in to tell you to move forward.

The Coward Flesh Must Burn

Yeahhhh, that’s an ominous mission objective. But the door to the right of the arena will open.

Go through and into the water. Once you’re in the water, keep going straight. There’s a hidden drop just behind a bubble, but if you keep going straight, you’ll drop straight into it.

From there, you’ll see another door.

Head through this new door, and you’ll find that you’ll be in a room absolutely infested with Taken. This passageway is fun in a terrible way. It’s essentially designed to boop you around with a variety of Taken cannons and Centurions. The blighted floors don’t cause damage, so don’t worry about watching your step.

Kill the enemies first to make getting through it easier. Once you get to the end of this bumpy hall, you’ll find another door of water. Just like before, go straight through. Eventually, you’ll hit a drop.

But once you drop, get ready to fight.

Rescue Ahsa

You’ll fall into a new hall, but it’s… very organic, in a twisted sort of way. And of course, there’s plenty of Taken to fight through. Kill them, then turn left through the open door into another water section.

Once you jump, you’ll fall into the Hadal Sunken Shelf. And when you reach the bottom, you’ll be in a cave system. It’s here that we’ll have our final encounter. We just need to disrupt the ritual that’s holding Ahsa hostage.

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Disrupt the Ritual

Once you step into the arena, you’ll be bombarded with Thrall (Cursed and normal), Knights, and Wizard projectiles. Here’s how the boss fight will break down.

  • One of the Wizards will lose its shield and attack you.
  • Kill it, and it will drop corrupted coral.
  • A Shrieker will spawn.
  • Kill the Shrieker.
  • Deposit the Corrupted Coral in the canister at the top of the hill.
  • Repeat this process for the next two Wizards/Screams of Xivu Arath.

This is the same pattern you’ll follow for the next two Wizards.

This Wizard, called the Screams of Xivu Arath, will be wreathed in a large fire shield. So will the second most powerful enemy on the shield, the Eyes of Xivu Arath, a Hive Knight. If you’re struggling with this fight, I highly recommend a gun with a Fire element.

Take shelter on the hill, close to where you’ll deposit the Corrupted Coral.

This will give you line of sight on most of the field while offering cover. Once two Screams of Xivu Arath Wizards are defeated, Saladin’s Iron War Beasts will come in to help you against the final horde of enemies. I noticed that the last Wizard likes to hide, so you might have to hunt it down.

Once all three Wizards are dead and all three Corrupted Coral are deposited, you’ll get a cutscene.

Speak to Zavala

Return to the H.E.L.M. to witness the conversation between Zavala, Saladin, and Saint-14. Things are naturally a little heated.

Speak to Sloane on the Holoprojector

Interact with the Season of the Deep vendor desk to speak to Sloane.

And with that… the mission is complete. Ahsa has gone into a deep hibernation, and Sloane will watch over her until she wakes. But that’s not the last activity in the Season of the Deep. It seems we’ve got a brand new Exotic quest being hinted at. Check out how to start it here: How to Find the Exotic Mothercarp Fish in Destiny 2.

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