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How to Complete Altar of Reflection: Catalyst in Destiny 2

Savathun knows what we like and she's more than happy to give it to us

by Daphne Fama

If you own the Witch Queen Expansion, there are no shortage of things to do, both before and after you’ve completed the campaign. But if you enjoy Throne weapons, then Altar of Reflection is a good shout. Here’s how to complete Altar of Reflection: Catalyst.

How to Complete Altar of Reflection: Catalyst in Destiny 2

Getting to Altar of Reflection: Catalyst

Once you’ve unlocked the potential for this quest, head to Savathun’s Throne World and jump to the Quagmire Quick Travel point. You won’t have much of a choice, since this is the only quick travel point on this entire planet, and that still grinds my goat. From your spawn point, head North and keep west, heading into the cave where the Public Event often spawns. You’ll want to take the tunnel that skews downward.

Following this tunnel will lead us to the Temple of Wrath, which is precisely where we want to be. At a certain point, your path will be blocked by these great orange pustules growing from the wall. Shoot them and they’ll explode, clearing the way forward.

Once you’ve made your way to these pestilence-infected halls, you’ll find yourself in a larger cavern, spotted with Scorn. Head straight across, through a door, and you’ll find yourself in a large black chasm. There’s a jump puzzle here. We need to get straight across, but the best path is actually immediately to your right. Shoot the pustules in order to light up your way, then follow the wall to your right up, then down, and you’ll eventually be able to make the leap across.

You’ll arrive in a larger chamber, with some orange-bar Scorn. Kill the Scorn, then head into the bone-like room beside them. Inside, you’ll see the glowing white Deepsight Orb. Interact with it, and we can almost start the quest.

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Solving the Altar of Reflection Puzzle 1

Once you interact with the orb, you’ll have 30 seconds to complete the puzzle. You’ll notice that the walls will be splattered with some green paint. Our goal is to move around the room until it forms Savathun’s symbol. Once you view the symbol from the proper angle, you’ll get a very short animation, which will indicate you’ve done it correctly.

Head up the short stairs then stare at it, moving forward or backwards, right or left, until the screen goes monochromatic. At least once, I’ve had to jump to trigger it.

Once you’ve sealed in the correct answer, a door with a portal will appear in front of you. Interact with it and we’ll finally start the quest in full.

Solving the Altar of Reflection Rune Patterns

You’ll arrive in a familiar, blue-tinged room. Savathun will bitterly acknowledge that she’s lost, and you’ve won, but that she still has many mysteries left to unravel. We’ll need to complete the puzzle in this room to hear more.

Head to the wall of runes at the center of the room. You’ll have to shoot them in the correct order. Let me save you some time. From left to right, shoot:

  • 3
  • 6
  • 7

Once that’s done, we’ll need to solve the second part of the rune puzzle. You’ll notice that the round platforms will now have runes on the sides of them.

I suspect that the runes are randomized, so here’s how to solve this puzzle. Look closely at the string of runes. Most of them will be the same… except three. Shoot the ones that don’t match the rest.

Once you’ve shot three, the next trial will begin.

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Defeat the Lucent Archivists

Finally, we get to shoot something other than occult symbols.

Step into the next room full of worshipping Acolytes. Next, turn up the volume because the music for this fight is fantastic.

Once you’re committed to the room, a Giant Shrieker will spawn called Witch’s Eye, Keeper of Memory. There will also be one Lucent Archivist, mingled amongst the two dozen Acolytes and Thrall, who will attempt to kill you. He’s essentially a yellow-bar Knight with a Lucent Moth, and he’s not too hard to take down. Annihilate him first, then kill the Shrieker.

If you’re struggling with the Shrieker, climb the stairs and hide behind the pillars. Wait out its volley of attacks, then shoot at its pupil before ducking away again. In this way, you can slowly whittle down Witch’s Eye. But if you’re a Warlock, you can just throw a tracking Nova Bomb at it. That worked well for me, as I could hide behind cover and the Nova Bomb will boomerang its way to the Shrieker, knocking out two-thirds of its health.  

When the room is clear, head through the door the Shrieker was guarding.


Approach the altar, and you’ll trigger one of Savathun’s memories. A memory of a brutal, logical blade. A weapon that she doesn’t use, but rather uses as a lure. For Guardians. Because we love weapons. She knows us so well.

Turn in the Quest

With that done, return to the Evidence Board in The Enclave and turn in the quest.

Case Reviewed

You’ll then be prompted to “Review Case” at the Evidence Board. Just interact with it again, and you’ll see Savathun’s thoughts laid out in more detail. Click the Engram at the bottom, and you’ll gain a random Throne Weapon. You can come back next week to complete another Altar of Reflection Quest for more Throne Weapons.

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