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Destiny 2’s State of the Game Promises More Challenging Content in the Seasons to Come

Power creep has been a major issue in PvE activities, but will Lightfall hit the right balance?

by Daphne Fama

The final weeks of Season of the Seraph have arrived and Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, waits right around the corner. There has been no shortage of discourse from Destiny 2’s developers, Bungie, about the game-altering changes that will be implemented with the release of this new expansion. One of the most prominent points of discussion is the promise that the challenge will come back to Destiny.

Destiny 2’s State of the Game Promises More Challenging Content in the Seasons to Come

That challenge will come from increased enemy difficulty. Enemies will hit harder, and certain challenges will be tuned to guardian power levels. We saw this in the Season of the Seraph in Heist Battleground activities, as well as the season finale mission which required players to fight it along on Legend difficulty. But this tweaking will also come to playlist activities like Vanguard Ops.

It’s by completing challenges that Guardians will increase their Guardian Rank. The Guardian Rank is a number that will take the place of the Season Pass Level you see by every Guardian’s username, rewarding Guardian experience and skill rather than passive Season Pass levels.

It’s because of this increased difficulty that Bungie has started reworking build-crafting in Destiny 2. In December 2022, Mods became accessible to all players, opening up the opportunity for experimentation. Weapons will also receive changes, as non-craftable weapons will gain the ability to be enhanced. Enhancing a weapon will allow you to take a random rolled weapon you’ve obtained and enhance its existing roll to match the full power of a crafted weapon.

Exotic Missions will also go on rotation, allowing players to revisit (or play for the first time) missions tied to certain Exotic Weapons and Armor. As someone who adored the sci-fi nightmare of the Dead Man’s Tale mission, Presage, to say I’m excited would be an understatement.

But not all Guardians have responded positively. In a thread that polled Guardian opinions, one Twitter user commented:

Really not that good they talked things like updating strikes such as arms dealer to make them more difficult without talking about adding rewards to make them more rewarding to do (no strike specific gear etc) and there’s no talks of updating the open worlds to have more stuff.”

It’s a sentiment that gained quite a few likes, but ultimately we’ll have to wait until Lightfall releases to see how all changes are implemented.

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