The Best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2 Ranked

The best weapons that make things go boom

Let’s be honest. Rocket Launchers are some of the most satisfying Power weapons in Destiny 2. There is something about lining up a shot on a big bad (or a fellow Guardian) and watching them explode while big yellow numbers sprout up over their head. But not all rocket launchers are created equal. Here are the best rocket launchers in Destiny 2, Ranked.

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The Best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2 Ranked

There are two major activities in Destiny: PvP and PvE. In both, the rocket launcher can excel at the right moment. These rankings consider both, but it likely will not surprise you to learn that most rocket launchers excel at both.

5 / 5 – Exotic Rocket Launcher, Eyes of Tomorrow

“I want to see it all unhindered, and know it’s mine to take.” — Clovis Bray

Let’s start off strong with Deep Stone Crypt’s Rocket Launcher, Eyes of Tomorrow. A powerful weapon in its own right, Eyes of Tomorrow does equally well in both PvE and PvP as it offers high ammo reserves, good reload speed, and generous tracking. And yet, it is still outclassed by the other rocket launchers in both PvE and PvP.

Eyes of Tomorrow is better for rank-and-file enemies instead of big yellow bars. For Guardians, the downfall is the second it takes for Eyes of Tomorrow’s tracking to kick in. An enemy with a Gjallarhorn is likely to blow you up before you have time to pull the trigger.

4 / 5 – Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer

Sing them a lullaby of death and nothing more.”

The Deathbringer is part of the Symphony of Death Exotic Quest, and it is absolutely worth the hassle. Deathbringer is good in PvE but it excels in PvP. In fact, it is the second best PvP rocket launcher in Destiny. What makes Deathbringer so good is that it is exceptionally powerful… at a cost. Deathbringer requires you to aim not precisely at your target, but a little over their head. Do this correctly and you will proc Deathbringer’s Exotic perk, Dark Deliverance. Dark Deliverance will drop a volley of Void Orbs on combatants, which will then rain down and detonate on your enemies’ heads.

And while this is exceptionally powerful, allowing you to clear out enemies bunkered down behind cover, it has a fatal flaw. It requires timing and correctly predicting your opponent’s next move. And for that reason, it is relegated to number four on the list.

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3 / 5 – Legendary Rocket Launcher, Code Duello

An unfinished inscription runs along the barrel: “Tlamus, she who—”

Finally, a Legendary Rocket Launcher! Code Duello is in an odd place, as it is one of the best PvE Rocket Launchers vying with our top spot for that crown. But Code Duello only earns rank three because it is lackluster in PvP.

Of course, this all hinges on whether you have snagged Code Duello’s God Roll, which is comprised of Auto-Loading Holster and Cluster Bomb. With these two perks, Code Duello leans into its true purpose: to absolute obliterate any rank-and-file enemy within shooting distance. This rocket launcher has a very generous blast radius, and Cluster Bomb ensures that the damage will pop big numbers. Having a Legendary Power Weapon means you will be able to dedicate your Exotic to another Weapon slot.

2 / 5 – Exotic Rocket Launcher, Gjallarhorn

“If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?” — Feizel Crux

Who does not love Gjallarhorn? This Exotic rocket launcher is a player favorite from all the way back in Destiny 1, and it is still one of the best choices available. Gjallarhorn can only be obtained through the And Out Fly the Wolves Exotic Quest, and it is worth every step.

Gjallarhorn is better in PvE than it is in PvP, though it is no slouch against Guardians either. What makes Gjallarhorn so strong is that it is incredibly easy to use, and it will absolutely delete rank-and-file enemies while doing massive damage against yellow-bar bosses. Its Exotic Perk, Wolfpack Rounds, causes Gjallarhorn’s rounds to split into tracking clusters missiles upon detonation, which is excellent when fighting those pesky Guardians. In PvE, it benefits from Pack Hunter, which gives it increased handling and reload speed when standing near allies, making it excellent for Raids and Nightfalls.  

The general consensus amongst Guardians can be summed up with, “It’s Gjallarhorn. Enough said.”

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1 / 5 – Legendary Rocket Launcher, Bad Omens

“Can’t avoid ‘em. Trick is surviving ‘em.” — The Drifter.

Did you expect to see a Legendary rocket launcher sitting in the top spot? Bad Omen, obtainable only by playing Gambit, is an aggressive frame rocket launcher with high damage and high recoil. That is worth it, as it offers the absolute best value in both PvP and PvE.

What makes Bad Omens so good? It does what almost no other rocket launcher can. It allows you to switch between your other weapon and quickly. That might seem minor, but rocket launchers are highly situational weapons. For both PvP and PvE, you will want your main damage-dealing gun in your hands most of the time, while only switching to the rocket launcher to blow up a Guardian or clear a portion of the room that is threatening to kill you or your team. The awkward shuffling between weapons is drastically reduced with Bad Omen’s perks. Plus, with Auto-Loading Holster, you will have it ready for whenever you need it next.

Its blast radius, track, and damage are all excellent. Combine this, with its fast reflexes, makes Bad Omen the number one rocket launcher on the list. But if you prefer something glitzier, Gjallarhorn is a good shout.

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