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How to Get Osteo Striga in Destiny 2

The Bone Eater hungers

by Daphne Fama

Few guns excel nearly equally in PvE and PvP, but the latest Exotic Submachine to join Destiny 2’s arsenal does just that. Osteo Striga is a morbid gun that seems to feed on the bones of its prey. Osteo, after all, is Latin for bone. Striga? Striga just means bristle. But take a look at the lore and the gristly implications, and you’ll know precisely what I mean. But let’s cut right to it. Do you want this bone eater? Do you want to shoot sentient, screaming, toxic projectiles at your enemies? Then this submachine gun is for you. Here’s how to get Osteo Striga in Destiny 2.

How to Get Osteo Striga in Destiny 2

Osteo Striga was released with the Witch Queen expansion, and it really fits the entire vibe. Savathun loves her alabaster palace that is so reminiscent of jagged teeth, rib cages, the vertebrae of a fallen titan’s spine. So, it only makes sense that you’ll need to own the Witch Queen Expansion to gain access to this Exotic submachine gun.

Once you have the Witch Queen, launch the campaign. In this campaign, you’ll be able to unravel the mysteries she cloaks herself in, which lays ominous implications about the future of Traveler and the Tower. Expect the entire thing to take between seven and 12 hours, but once it’s done, you’ll receive a Pattern. Take this Pattern to The Enclave on Mars, and you’ll be able to craft it at the alien-like machine hidden within the building.

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From this pattern, Osteo Striga will be born. And, unlike many Exotics, it is subject to random rolls. Fortunately, as we’ve seen, it’s craftable. Here’s the God Roll for Osteo Striga.

Osteo Striga’s God Roll in Destiny 2

  • Basic Barrel → Fluted Barrel. Stability +5, Handling +15.
  • Basic Magazine → Flared Magwell. Reload Speed +15, Stability +5.
  • Basic Stock → Hand-Laid Stock. Stability +10.

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