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How to Club Someone to Death Without Getting Caught in BitLife

Don't bring a knife to a club fight

by Madison Benson
BitLife Club Someone Without Getting Caught

When you think of murder methods in BitLife, clubbing someone may not be at the top of your list. There are plenty of other ways in the game, such as poisoning and driving by, that are far less risky. If you’re trying to go for a flashier method or want to complete a challenge, clubbing is still a viable way to eliminate someone. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to club someone to death in BitLife without getting caught.

How to Club Someone to Death Without Getting Caught in BitLife

Before focusing on getting away with the murder, let’s talk about how to club someone. Age up your character until you unlock Murder through Activities > Crime. When you enter the murder screen, you’ll find two drop-down menus prompting you to pick a victim and method. Under method, you’ll see “Club Them”. If it doesn’t appear right away, close and reopen the box.

While it usually doesn’t matter what victim you pick, it’s surprisingly important if you want to get away with the murder. After all, it’s far easier to pin the crime against you if the person is related to you! Choose a random victim for a much higher chance of succeeding.

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Even with this advice in mind, it’s still possible that you’ll fail the attempt. In this case, close and reopen the BitLife app before trying again. If you get arrested, you can escape prison and try to club another victim.

However, in rare situations, the person may retaliate by attacking or even killing you. If this happens and you survive the encounter, go on walks and visit the gym to improve your health before attempting it again.

Once you successfully club someone to death without getting caught, you’ll complete part of the BitLife Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get All Ribbons in BitLife and How to Become a Mafia Boss.