How to Close the Gate in the Red Mist in Dead Island 2

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Once you arrive in Venice Beach, you will find that it is practically a ghost town… until you stumble across the Blue Crab boys, who are yelling at you from the top of their building. They are in desperate need of assistance, and after a long slog through the sewers, you need a rest. So, let us help them close the gate. Here is how to find the breaker in Red Mist in Dead Island 2.

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How to Close the Gate in the Red Mist in Dead Island 2

Almost immediately, upon escaping the sewers and the bus graveyard, you will find yourself on Venice Beach. Follow the road down, and you will find a few guys standing on the roof. They need your help to close the gate.

To do so, head inside and start fighting off the zombie hoards. Which, unfortunately, includes two Crushers. As you whittle down the mob, the Blue Crab boys will let you know that you need to slam the button in the parking attendant booth… which naturally does not work, because the button is busted.

Fortunately, there is an easy way around this problem. We need to steal a breaker. Here is how to do that.

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  • Exit the parking booth and turn towards the closed gate beside it.
  • Climb over this gate and head into the adjacent parking lot.
  • There, you will see a white booth similar to the one outside the building you are trying to seal off.
  • Head inside, and you will find a circuit breaker. Steal it.
  • Return to the gate, you climbed over and throw the breaker over the gate, like you would throw a weapon.
  • Climb over the fence, then insert the breaker into the circuit breaker panel.
  • The gate will then close, and you will only need to clean up the stragglers.

And that is it! Once you are all done with this, you will be able to head inside and unlock the ability to fast travel. Finally! And now that LA is your oyster, why not tackle some of the side quests building up in your menu? Check out how to complete Rav-Ages of Caustic-X here: How to Complete the Rav-Ages of Caustic-X in Dead Island 2.

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