How to Claim Your Anniversary Gifts in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is celebrating its third anniversary and with each year this game gains, the players are blessed with prizes such as unique items, materials, special messages, and more importantly, Primogems. They have a funny habit of spreading them out across multiple different events. So, this is all of the places where you can get each reward Genshin Impact is dropping and how.

All Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards and How You Can Claim Them

Treasures Along the Road: A Thank-You Gift

Divided into four separate letters, players will be getting a total of 1600 Primogems which is equivalent to a 10-pull on the Limited-Time Character Banners or the Limited-Time Weapon Banners. In these letters, players will also be getting a pet companion, Itty Bitty Octobaby, Four Fragile Resin, and a Portable Aerodynamic Gelatinous Bubble Generator.

To obtain these rewards, players can enter their Menu by pressing ESC for PC or the Options Button on the PlayStation controller. The mail is indicated by the Letter Icon on the left side which will show all the previous mail that you have received, anything new that pops in, and the Gift Mail Box as indicated on the top bar will keep all of the Birthday Letters that you receive from characters in-game. 

Bathing in Flowing Moonlight

In addition to the Primogems players will receive in their mail, they can also retrieve another 10-pull through individual Intertwined Fates dispersed over Seven days within the event, Bathing in Flowing Moonlight. For each day, players will receive Intertwined Fates, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Hero’s Wits. This event will last for 16 days and only takes seven days for players to log in and claim all these rewards. 

To claim these rewards, players will need to visit the Events Overview page as indicated in the image below. For PC users, they can either go to the menu to discover the icon or Press Alt to bring up the Mouse button and select the correct Icon. PlayStation Users can also use the menu or find the correct tab when selecting the shortcut wheel by hitting the Left Trigger.

Gratifying Gathering Carnival Web Event

Genshin Impact is also sporting a new Web Event for their anniversary called Gratifying Gathering where players can collect all kinds of stamps that will reward them with Primogems and enter them in the lottery for a chance to wind a Character Figure. 

You can either go to the link that is provided in the mail to get to this event or simply follow this link included in the article to get to Gratifying Gathering. Players who regularly check in for Daily Rewards can also get to this Web Event through their HoyoLab account as well.

Another easy way to get to the Web Event is through the icon that was recently introduced in Genshin Impact that will directly take players to any active Web Events. Scrolling down through the many icons on the Menu, heading to the Special Event Tab will often take players to the current Web Event going on in Genshin Impact.

Dream of Roving Stars

Dream of Roving Stars Web Event Genshin Impact
Image via HoYoverse Web Event

One of the most popular aspects of the many web events going on is the journey of reviewing everything that players have done in the past year through Dream of Roving Stars. This event goes over players’ experiences that they have gone through such as events they’ve participated in, enemies they have fought, and characters they have used. Participating in this event and finishing reviewing everything that the event has to offer can get players even more Primogems as well as Hero’s Wits for their time.

With so many events going on, it is best to get to this event either through this link or through reviewing the notices in Genshin Impact. Notices can be looked through by going to the menu and selecting the News Board Icon just above the mail icon. Searching through the Game Tab will show the current Web Event going on and will always provide the link for you!

To learn more about the anniversary and all the events going on, be sure to check out our overview from Genshin Impact’s recent livestream. For other news and guides on the game, also check the game tag just below this article.

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