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How to Claim Atomic Heart Pre-Order Bonus

Give me my gold weapons damnit!

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart Denuvo

Atomic Heart is finally available on all major platforms, with players jumping into the shoes of P-3 to save Facility 3826 from utter destruction. Though before you jump in, you may have pre-ordered the game and want to secure your sweet pre-order bonuses. Unlike most games though, jumping in won’t give you an immediate message of your redeemed items. Here’s how to claim the pre-order bonuses for Atomic Heart.

Where Do You Get the Atomic Heart Pre-Order Bonuses?

For pre-ordering the game, you get two exclusive weapon skins. One is for the Swede axe, which is one of the first weapons you find scattered among the facility’s wreckage. The other skin is for the Electro pistol, which you can get after a mission or two in the game. Given that everyone’s favorite sex robot Nora (who we hate) doesn’t have skin options though, how you claim them is a little confusing.

You might not have noticed this at first, but both of the weapons have the skins immediately equipped. The Swede and Electro should both have some gold paint on them if the pre-order bonuses went through. If it hasn’t, either you didn’t pre-order, or some sort of mix up happened. Regardless, once the skin is active, it seems like it’s impossible to change it. A shame, in case you wanted to switch to the default skin for a bit.

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These skins may not be worth much (the fact you might not have noticed them goes to show that), but it is a nice bonus for buying early. It doesn’t affect gameplay much either, so it’s not like you had to pre-order just to ensure you had the same start as everyone else. Just try not to get too much blood on that gold, that stuff is expensive, you know. Almost as expensive as a Kalash AK-47, which you can find using our guide.

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