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Atomic Heart Station Master Combination Lock Code Answer

Dead men do tell tales, apparently

by Daphne Fama
Atomic Heart P-3 and Granny Zina

In Atomic Heart, you play as P-3, a soldier tasked with tracking down a traitor who may have just unleased a robotic catastrophe on the motherland. But there’s no shortage of robots and puzzles standing in your way. Here’s how to solve the station master combination lock code in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart Station Master Combination Lock Code Answer

If there’s one thing those kooky scientists love, it’s their puzzles. Half the doors in the facility are locked by giant locks that require you to hit the proper timing, spin discs, or match colorful circles. But the station master combination lock requires something else entirely.

It requires you to look at a note.

Speak to the dead man beside the cable car control booth and he’ll tell you the station master was killed. The station master is the only person with the combination lock, and so you must dutifully return to the tunnel to find him. Fortunately, the stationmaster isn’t very far, and wouldn’t you know it? He’s handily written down the combination on a piece of paper, which happens to be lying right beside his body.

How considerate of him.

Unfortunately, there’s no prompt for you to interact with this piece of paper, so it’s easy to fly right by it. For your convenience, I’ve included it above in case you want to try it out yourself.

Now that we have the station master’s code, we can return to the lock and the door and input the correct combination.

I chose to follow it as it’s written, but I’ve seen other people do it in whatever order they like. Either way, click each of the greened out squares and the lock should pop right off. Who’s ready to jump on a cable car and chase down a traitor?

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