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How to Check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Ginny Woo

If you’re in the end-game business when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’re probably going to be in it to win it in terms of things like Pokemon breeding. If you have mates who swear up and down on EVs and IVs that really just sound like magic words to you, we’ll help you take the first steps in your journey with our guide on how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

For total beginners, EVs and IVs are values that impact on your Pokemon’s stats and also how they can improve. IVs are individual values, and they directly affect your stats and your battle performance directly. You can pass on desirable IVs through breeding, and you can also ensure that you end up with a Pokemon that’s tailored to your dream team. 

It’s easy to check your IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but you’re going to have to have become the Champion and cleared the story of the game. Once you’ve done so, you’re going to be able to unlock the Battle Tower, which is coincidentally a place that you can also earn battle points to purchase items like the Razor Claw to help you evolve certain Pokemon or to make you better in competitive. 

You check your IVs via something called the IV Checker, and you can only get this after you’ve won 6 times in the Battle Tower. You’ll face off against Leon at this point, which will then give you the chance to bump your Battle Tower rank to 4 once you’re victorious – this will unlock the IV checker which you can access via the Pokemon Box. All you have to do is read them off from that menu, which is pretty simple. 

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, why not check out some other tips to do with Galar that we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure? 

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