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Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve picked up one of the incredibly aggressive Sneasels in Pokemon Sword and Shield because of reasons, or because they just simply wouldn’t leave you alone, then you probably want to get the most bang for your buck by turning them into Weaviles. Well, you’ll need the Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw item to do so. Check out our guide on how to get this.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw Guide

So, as we’ve mentioned, you’re going to need a Razor Claw to evolve your Sneasel into a Weavile. However, getting your hands on one might not be as easy. To best ensure that you pick up a Razor Claw, we would recommend making your way over to the Dusty Bowl. You’ll need a Rotom bike with the ability to crawl over water, but once you have this, you can navigate the lake directly behind the Dusty Bowl and you’ll find a Razor Claw. 

You can also find a Razor Claw if you’re kicking around the Battle Tower once you’ve finished the game. You can purchase it for 10BP at your leisure, so this might be the most reliable way for you to actually regularly pick as many as you need if you want a pack of Sneasels. Now, the criteria that you need to meet with Sneasel is another thing entirely. You just have to make sure that your Sneasel is holding the Razor claw when it levels up, and it has to be leveling up at nighttime to actually become a Weavile. The Razor Claw item is also going to improve your critical hit in terms of whoever’s wielding it, so lopping this onto your soon-to-be Weavile is gonna be an improvement as well if you aren’t going to be chucking it onto said Sneasel. It’s not quite as complicated as evolving Yamask, but, you know. That one’s a unique situation.

Now that you’ve actually got some idea of how to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield Razor Claw into your possession so that you can turn those Sneasels into real units, why not check out some other tips and tricks that we’ve got going for Galarian explorers?

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