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How to Change Ultimate Team Club Name in FIFA Ultimate Team 22

by Nikola Pajtic

The sports gaming community wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the FIFA franchise. The most recent installment of the legendary soccer game, FIFA 22, brings back the game’s most famous mode, Ultimate Team. This allows the player to build their own team with favorite players. Here’s how to change your Ultimate Team Club name in FIFA 22.

How to Change Ultimate Team Club Name in FIFA 22

Whether you are continuing the campaign from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 or starting anew, don’t worry, there is a way to change the team’s name. However, it is a bit complicated and well hidden. Nevertheless, we are here to help. 

Follow the steps below to change your team’s name:

  1. Launch Ultimate Team in FIFA 22.
  2. Select Objectives and head to the Foundations tab. 
  3. Enter the Basics tab where you’ll find Club Name at the bottom. 
  4. Click on it, and the next screen that appears will be where you can change the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Club name. In addition to the name, you can also change and set a new abbreviation of the club’s three letters. 

If you still haven’t decided on the particular name and have second thoughts, you should probably leave FIFA’s default name for the time being. This is because you can change the name only once. 

When changing it, watch out for any errors in the name and make sure that it is not offensive as other players might report you and your profile will be restricted. 

Once you confirm the name, the change is instant, and it will be seen in all Single Player Seasons, Squad Battles, Friendly Season, and any other mode that is a part of the FIFA Ultimate Team. 

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