How to Change the Text Color in Discord

Mix things up in your text channel with this guide!

Discord has quite a few customization options within the app, and one of them is the ability to change the color of the text. In this article, we’ll show you a couple of tricks to change your text color so you can use this to highlight important matters in a channel’s conversation, or just to mess around and do some casual, harmless trolling with your friends online.

How Do I Write in Color in Discord?

Possible color text samples

So far, we’ve uncovered six different colors that you can use while writing in the text channel. You’ll just need to enter some codes as you write your message. Follow these simple instructions and you too will be able to write in different colors:

In order to type YELLOW text in a text channel:

You need to type in ““`fix” in the first row, then press Shift+Enter in order to go to the next row.
Then type in the actual text that you want to color, then press Shift+Enter again to go to the next row.
In the last row, type the three backticks (grave accents) again, and hit Enter. This is what it should look like:

Type in your text here and it will turn Yellow.

In order to type ORANGE text in a text channel:

Your Orange text goes here

In order to type CYAN/TEAL text in a text channel:

Your Cyan or Teal text goes here.

In order to type BLUE text in a text channel:

# Your Blue text goes in here. The hashtag should exist at the start of this row (it’s not a mistake).

In order to type GRAY text in a text channel:

This is the default color of this function and is mainly used to display HTML and similar code.

In order to type RED text in a text channel:

– Red text goes here, make sure that the hyphen (-) is there at the start of the row – it’s not there by mistake.

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