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How to Browse Intelligence in The Sims 4

by Nikola Pajtic

The Sims 4 offers many different careers that many dream of achieving in real life. Secret Agent Career is just one of these and one of its daily tasks is Browse Intelligence. This guide explains how to Browse Intelligence in The Sims 4 so keep on reading to find out what you need to do. 

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The Sims 4 Guide: Browse Intelligence

In the Secret Agent Career, your Sim will partake in super-secret undercover missions. Mysterious. However, when you select the job from the ‘Career’ menu, your Sim is only at the beginning of their journey as a Secret Agent. They start as an Agency Clerk and perform long and tiring tasks before even thinking about going out on a secret mission. 

Browsing Intelligence is a rather easy task but consumes too much time. It requires a work desk, chair, and computer. You can obtain these items through the ‘Electronics’ menu in Build Mode if you don’t own them. 

 Once you get your Sim a computer, make them jump right onto it and find the ‘Web’ category. Here, you will find ‘Browse the Intelligence Database‘ with your career icon next to the text. Click on the option to start the daily task. 

You must wait through the entire interaction so the task is completed, taking around two hours of in-game time. You will need to do this daily until your Sim reaches level 8 in the Career.

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Make sure your Sim is up for the task as an exhausted or furious Sim will refuse your commands. Focused is the best mood for Browse Intelligence.

As your Sim levels up, you will be able to choose between two different paths:

  • Diamond Agent – If you opt for this path, your Sim will eventually become a Spy Captain.
  • Villain – This leads your Sim to become a Moon Mercenary.

Now that you know how to perform the Browse Intelligence task, all you need to do is grind to get your Sim to become a Secret Agent. Good luck!

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