Sims 4: How to Write Songs

If you enjoy music, you can write your own song in The Sims 4 and license it for some extra money. Here's how to get started!

The Sims franchise is known for allowing players to live out their dreams in an online world, whether you want to run a business, play a sport, or be a musician, you can bring that dream to life within the game. For those that are interested in music, The Sims 4 will actually let you write a song and license it for extra cash. In this guide, we will explain how to write songs in The Sims 4.

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How to Write Songs in The Sims 4

If you enjoy music and want to write your own song in The Sims, it’s actually pretty simple, but it is time-consuming. To be able to write a song in The Sims 4, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Reach Level 8 on your instrument of choice. Once you’ve done that, you can write a song by selecting your instrument and choosing the “Write a Song” option.
  • Once you have selected the option to write a song, it’ll take 12 in-game hours for your character to complete their song.

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Further, players can learn how to write a song on different instruments by reaching Level 8 on that specific instrument. For example, you won’t be able to write a song on the piano if you’ve reached Level 8 on the guitar. You have to meet the requirements on that specific instrument. Once you’ve done that, you can write as many songs as you’d like.

How to License a Song in The Sims 4

Now that you know how to write songs in The Sims 4, its time to license them.

If you think you’ve got a hit song, you can license your song in The Sims 4 to earn a little bit of extra money each day. To license a song, you’ll need to reach Level 9 on the instrument that the song is written on. When you’ve done that, go to your mailbox and select the “License Song” option. As long as your song is being licensed, you’ll receive between 100 and 1,000 Simoleons every morning. Pretty easy money, huh?

It’s important to note that players will only be able to license one song a week per instrument. However, if you have reached Level 9 on multiple instruments, you’ll be able to license multiple songs at a time. So if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice side income.

While you’re working on leveling up your instruments, be sure to check out some of our other coverage of The Sims 4.

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