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The Sims 4 Werewolf Temperament Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

The new Werewolves Game Pack for The Sims 4 update has brought some engaging gameplay. You can either create or become a Werewolf with powers and perks, and you also get a Werewolf temperament. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Temperament in The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack?

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Temperament is a mechanic that defines where a Werewolf’s Fury comes from. If you engage in behavior that contradicts your temperaments, it will increase Fury, while the other way around will decrease it.

There are 22 different Werewolf temperaments.

Sims 4 Werewolf Temperaments List


This temperament takes pride in being a Werewolf, and your Sim will gain Fury if embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Wolf Brain

Sim gains Fury when they use their rational brain for logic rather than its Werewolf brain.


Sims with this temperament like expanding their territory and gain Fury when on another Werewolf’s territory.

Anti-Capitalist Canine

Gains Fury when forced to get a job and become a part of the never-ending rat race. The daily grind is not its favorite thing.

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Night Wolf

The Night Wolf temperament gains Fury when they don’t spend nights howling at the moon. Try not to deviate too much from the “sleep during the day, howl at the moon at night” cycle.

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf likes to fight other Werewolves and it gains Fury while it is angry. So, keep your Sim agitated and ready for a good fight against others.

Hates Being Wet

This temperament isn’t very fond of water. It likes to remain dirty. Whether it’s a shower, rain, or something else, just keep it out of the water as it will gain extra Fury when wet.

Wracked with Guilt

Werewolves can also feel guilt, you know. This temperament gains Fury when sad, feeling remorse for some of its previous actions.

Feels Outcasted

Sims with this temperament enjoy social interaction and gain Fury when other Sims ignore them.

Hungry Like the Wolf

This temperament gains Fury when feeling hungry. It can develop sudden and extreme food cravings and like eating until they are full.

Easily Excitable

This temperament gains Fury when it is feeling playful, watching TV, and playing games. It doesn’t enjoy feeling boredom and doing absolutely nothing.

Mark of the Wolf

Mark of the Wolf is a symbol that is engraved on the Werewolf’s heart by the moon’s light. This symbol reduces natural Fury gains and social decays.

Mark of the Hunt

Mark of the Hunt is a symbol depicting the hunt engraved on the Werewolf’s heart. This mark reduces natural Fury gains and hunger decays.

Mark of the Night

This mark is a night sky engraved on the Werewolf’s heart by the moon’s light. It reduces the Fury gains and Energy decay.

Mark of the Forest

This mark represents the forest on the Werewolf’s heart. It reduces Fury gains and Fun decay.

Sensitive Hearing

Fury is gained while hearing loud noises. This temperament doesn’t like loud noises that come from the TV, radio, or other devices. However, it enjoys spending time both indoors and in the wild.

Grumpy Wolf

The Grumpy Wolf temperament gains Fury while low on sleep. It likes sleeping long hours and becomes rather grumpy when their sleep cycle isn’t completed.

Must Be Clean

Being a Werewolf doesn’t always require being perfectly clean. However, this temperament loves just that. It enjoys tongue baths, and it gains Fury when hygiene is poor.


These Werewolves are on a strict diet. They only eat fresh meat and are on the hunt 24/7. This temperament gains Fury when eating something different than prey they’ve caught.

Survival Instincts

This temperament gains Fury when feeling scared. It will become irrational and leads into the Werewolf transformation. React quickly to clear the danger.

Restless Animal

This temperament demands being outdoors. Gain Fury when constrained indoors without anything to do.


Frisky temperament gains Fury when feeling Flirty. It likes spending time with other Werewolves.

Can the Werewolf Temperament Be Changed?

The short answer is yes, you can change your Werewolf’s temperament. However, you first need to unlock the Lunar Howl ability. Use the power at night to reset your Sim’s temperaments.

There is also another way – you can use cheats to alter a Werewolf’s temperament, but where’s the fun in that?

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