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How to Break the Candy Cane Knife in Valorant

Spreading some early (or late) Christmas carnage.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Candy Cane Knife

One of the reasons Valorant skins are so adored (despite their astronomical price) is the additional flair the skins are given when upgraded. In CS:GO, gun skins are often just textures slapped onto a gun with a kill counter possibly added if you get lucky enough. In Valorant, it’s somewhat the same, though the added inclusion of final kill effects, weapon sounds, animations, and more give them their value. One such skin has a unique interaction, though how you get it is a little bit odd. Here’s how to break the Candy Cane knife in Valorant.

How to Change the Candy Cane Knife in Valorant

Before you can break the Candy Cane knife, you’re first going to need to own it. While it was available during a particular Christmas season many years ago, the skin can now show up in your daily shop or through the Night Market each act. It will set you back around 2500 VP, which is far less than other knife skins in the game. You can also get four different variants, with there being a standard red and white, followed by green and white, blue and white, and rainbow color variants.

Once you have the Candy Cane knife, use whichever variant you want and hop in-game. Once in, walk up to a wall during the buy phase and begin hitting it with the Candy Cane. After a certain amount of swings, it will break revealing the new knife. This skin will stay on your knife until the current half is complete when you’ll need to repeat the process. In essence, this means you’ll need to do this twice a game to always have the broken Candy Cane.

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While it’s not the flashiest knife in Valorant by a long shot, the Candy Cane is endlessly silly and has a cool hidden perk that goes with it. Now get in there and deliver some (late) Christmas cheer, or check out the Oni 2.0 bundle in the shop, available at the time of writing.

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