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How to Become King in BitLife

Live royally.

by Kara Phillips

Becoming a king might be at the bottom of your to-do list right now, but at least in BitLife, the process is significantly easier than if you were to try in real life. In fact, there are several ways you can join the royal family and eventually work your way up to the status of a king in BitLife, which might be worth following if you’re bored of the standard 9 to 5 experience of a normal playthrough and want to be waited on for a change. If you’re considerably lucky, you may be able to be born into a royal family from the get-go, but there are a few tried and tested methods for those who don’t want to rely so heavily on luck.

How to Become King in BitLife

Like becoming queen in BitLife, there’s no way to guarantee you will be born into royalty unless you have access to the paid God Mode service. With this, you’ll be able to decide your fate from the character creation screen and be born into a royal family rather than relying on the luck element of the process, or otherwise, you’ll have to keep re-starting a life to try and land a position in a royal family, and then work yourself up to king from being born a prince. This is one of the longer alternatives to becoming a royal, especially since you’re restricted to a certain set of locations depending on where there is royalty currently, so you may want to rely on your relationships with others instead.

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The option of marrying into royalty is far more convenient in BitLife, despite being still reliant on luck and your availability when looking for potential partners. It feels a lot faster than desperately trying to be born into an existing royal family. Finding a potential princess as a partner and working on your relationship before asking them to marry you will take some time and quite a lot of effort given their status, but it’ll be worth it once you’re married and earned the prince title. From this point, you just have to wait for the current king to pass on before you can claim your throne with your partner, so be sure to keep your relationship sweet while you wait for the day of your coronation.