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How to Become a Professor in BitLife

Professor Oak?

by Joe Greene
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Before you are able to complete challenges like the Catch Em All Challenge in Bitlife, you must first become a professor. Becoming a professor is the most difficult aspect of this challenge, so be prepared to follow instructions carefully. Luckily, there are only a few different prerequisite tasks that must be completed before you can do so. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to become a professor in Bitlife!

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How to Become a Professor in BitLife

To become a Professor in Bitlife, you must start by creating a character and aging them up. Before turning eighteen, focus on maintaining high intelligence by reading books to boost your smarts to high. Once you turn eighteen, your character will graduate from secondary school and have the option to attend university.

Choose any university major that interests you, such as biology, mathematics, education, or finance, and complete four years of study. After that, you will want to enroll in a graduate school program.

As you progress through school, you will unfortunately amass some tuition fees which can be paid through scholarships, your parents, or your own money. If you choose to pay with your own money, make sure to have a sufficient amount of funds to cover any loans and expenses.

Once you have completed graduate school, it is time to enter the workforce! Make sure your chosen career is in a field relevant to your degree.

After obtaining ten years of corporate experience, you can apply for a professor position. To do this, simply search through the full-time jobs list until you find “Professor”.

All you need to do now is apply for the position and pass the interview to become a professor!

Now that you know how to become a professor in Bitlife, you are one step closer to completing that challenge!

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