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How to Complete the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife

Be the very best like no one ever was

by Madison Benson
How to Complete the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife

A new BitLife weekend challenge, the Catch Em All challenge, is live starting February 11, 2023! You may recognize this famous phrase from a particular anime and video game series where your main task is to catch and take care of monsters. In this case, you are adopting and buying animals to care for! It can be a long and expensive journey, but seeing those cute little faces is worth it in the end. If you are interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife

Below are the five tasks you have to complete for the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a professor
  • Own 5+ cats of different breeds
  • Own 5+ dogs of different breeds
  • Own 5+ rabbits
  • Have a perfect relationship with all pets

Becoming a Professor

Of these five tasks, becoming a professor is the most challenging part. After creating your character and aging up, read books to maintain high smarts before turning eighteen; it’ll help you out later with your school life. After turning eighteen, your character will graduate secondary school, allowing you to go to university. You can take any program you would like, with some examples including biology, mathematics, education and finance. Enter the program and complete your four years before entering graduate school.

Throughout your years in school, you will accumulate tuition fees that you can pay using scholarships, your parents’ money or your personal funds. If you use your own money, be sure you have some savings to afford to pay off your loan, own animals and purchase a big enough home for them! In the meantime, let’s focus on becoming a professor.

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After completing graduate school, you will have to gain ten years of work experience in a relevant field. For example, if you finished a finance degree, you could work a corporate job for ten years before applying for a professor position. Once you gain ten years of work experience, search the full-time jobs list until you see the Professor career. Apply for the position and pass the interview to become a professor!

Owning Five Cats, Dogs and Rabbits

One of the best parts about becoming a professor is having a high enough salary to afford your five cats, dogs and rabbits. To do this, head into Activities and select Pets. From here, you can either adopt your animals from the animal shelter or pet store. You can also use cat and dog breeders to get specific breeds, but this is by far the most expensive option. Either way, continue buying your animals until you have five cats, dogs and rabbits.

One obstacle you may encounter along the way is needing more room in your home for your pets. If this happens, save up for an Acreage, Equestrian Property or farm. These tend to be very expensive, often priced at well over $1,000,000, so make sure you have plenty of money in the bank first!

After you get all fifteen pets, you will have to take care of them by giving treats and spending time with each animal. You will get perfect relationships with them all by doing these things, wrapping up the fifth and final task for the Catch Em All Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you are interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Become a Water Slide Tester in BitLife and How to Sell Fake Weed in BitLife.

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