How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife

Fatal Fashionista!

How to Become a Fashion Designer in Bitlife

In the life simulator BitLife, there are many crazy occupations, but also some that we could characterize as more “normal.” One such occupation is Fashion Designer, so if you want your character in BitLife to follow in the footsteps of becoming a famous fashionista, check out the guide below.

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How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife?

Many people have this idea, especially in their younger years, but how do you turn this dream into reality? How do you become a Fashion Designer? To begin with, you need to be good at school, high “Smarts” statistics will definitely come in handy to get through the school system and make securing a good job easy – so focusing on developing “Smarts” in the formative years is extremely important. In order to make your character in BitLife smarter while at school, choose the “Study Harder” option and visit the library as much as possible.

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When it’s time to send your character to University (Education section under the Occupation tab), choose the Graphic Designer major. After you finish Uni, you will be able to choose Jr. Fashion Designer on the list of full-time jobs in the Occupation tab. If you don’t see this job on the list, it sometimes helps to reset the BitLife app and try again until Jr. Fashion Designer appears on the list. When you finally see it on the occupation list, select it, and there you go – you are on the path to becoming a Fashion Designer in BitLife. It should only be noted that smarts and a degree in graphic design are not necessary to get into this profession, but they will help and it does fit well with it.

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How to Complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge in BitLife

Also, this profession is needed for the Fashionista Challenge where you have to become an Italian fashion designer who needs to get away with murders through bribery.

To complete the Fatal Fashionista challenge in BitLife, do the following:

  • You must be born a female in Italy
  • Become a Fashion Designer
  • Kill three (or more) colleagues
  • Poison your husband
  • Bribe the cops to avoid arrest

Super fun times! Now you know all that is needed to become a Fashion Designer and how to complete yet another crazy BitLife challenge.

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