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How to Beat The Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Here's how to defeat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

The Rancor is a violent creature in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which you will come across on the planet Koboh at the start of the game. Once you have found the area where Rancor is located, you will have to take it on in a boss fight. In this guide, we will discuss Rancor’s Movesets and how you can dodge them to defeat Rancor easily in the boss fight.

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How to Defeat The Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Rancor Jedi Survivor
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We will start by discussing the two most dangerous moves of Rancor that you must dodge if you don’t want to kill yourself. You will notice these attacks when Rancor turns red right before the attack animation begins.

Red Attacks

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Rancor is a hard-hitter monster, and any of its two Red Attacks will instantly kill you. One of them is where it smashes its fists into the ground and creates shockwaves in the forward direction. If you get caught by the shockwaves, you will get injured. You can easily dodge this attack by jumping in the air. You can also get close to him and dodge to either the left or right side and land a few hits before Rancor gets back in position.

Another one of Rancor’s Red Attack is the Grab Attack, where it lunges in the forward direction and tries to grab you. If you get grabbed by Rancor, it will also result in an instant death. The trick to prevent this from happening is by timing your dodge perfectly. You will notice Rancor turning red and getting into position before it lunges forward. As he comes forward, dodge in either direction. The Rancor will fall to the ground, giving you enough time to land four to five hits.

Normal Attacks

Then come the Normal Attacks. There are various attacks, and getting hit by them may not result in an instant death, but it will take away a massive chunk of your health.

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The first one is a Swipe Attack, where it will swipe its arms in a circle twice and three times if you are close to it. You can parry this attack, but only if you are good at it.

Another one of its attacks is a variation of the smashing attack, but instead of creating shockwaves, Rancor will directly hit you with its hands. It will smash two times at you and then try to stand up. You will have some time here to land two to three hits.

Next is the Stomp Attack, which smashes its feet into the ground and creates a shockwave when you’re standing right next to it. You cannot dodge or parry this attack, but you can jump in the air and then jump again for the second time to dodge this attack. If you’re still standing close to it, there might be a third stomp, so make sure you look out for it.

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After each of its attacks, you will get enough time to land some hits. But the trick is not to get greedy when attacking The Rancor, or it will backfire. Take it slow and steady and land only two to three hits after the attack animation ends. You should use the Dual Wield stance, as it allows you to land more hits in less time and get out of its reach before it gets you.

Another trick here is to force-throw bones at Rancor, which you will find scattered around in the arena. These will get stuck in its mouth, making him vulnerable for some time. While The Rancor is stunned, use any ability or heavy attack to deal as much damage as possible.

Since the fight takes place early on in the game, you will not have enough Stims to heal yourself during the fight. Study its moveset and be ready to dodge its attacks when needed. Once you have clear control of the fight, keep damaging The Rancor until it is beaten.

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With these tips in mind, you can beat Rancor without any hassle. Check out more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides on our website, like Can You Play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam Deck? – Answered and Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor a Sequel? – Answered.

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