How to Beat Rule 20 in The Password Game

Liar liar egg on fire

The Password Game Rule 20 Feature

Surprisingly enough (or maybe not surprising at all), The Password Game does have a few “game overs” you can experience. Some of them are done straight by the book and you have to restart your whole playthrough. But others are game-overs in the sense you just lose your will to continue. Rule 20 can easily give you one of those. 

Reading as “Oh no! Your password is on fire. Quick, put it out!”, that’s literally what’s happening. What are you doing reading this article? Put that fire out now! There are children in this password! Paul isn’t even born yet! Here’s how to beat Rule 20 in the Password Game.

How to Put Out the Fire in Rule 20 in The Password Game

The fire emojis are ramping up, so act quickly. Remove the spreading fire emojis as soon as you see them, or they’ll engulf your entire password. You can just start over, but what if you don’t remember the location you used for Rule 14? Or the chess move in Rule 16? Just do what you can before you lose your password, or the game becomes even more stressful than it already is.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Losing half of the password isn’t technically a game over and you can try to restore your lost parts. That is unless you get the worst-case scenario. If the flames for some reason start spreading near Paul’s egg, he might be cooked to death and you get an actual game over screen. Have I told you I hate this game? I hate this game.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Paul is single handly the worst part of this game, and he’ll be an even bigger nuisance in just a few rules. If you manage to do your side job as a firefighter, of course. But if you can put the flames down before they spread for more than three to five emojis, you should be good, and the chick will survive for another day. 

But if you’re unlucky, don’t forget you can easily complete the chess challenge with a few tricks on your sleeve. No need to bother your pro chess player friend for help. 

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