How to Beat Redfall’s Interactive Adventure (and Win a New Xbox)

The Night Manager never stood a chance...

There’s been quite a lot of noise about Redfall, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t simply ravenous for this new game. I’m practically batty about it. Get it? These are all vampire puns. Anyway, Redfall has just announced a sweepstake with two prizes: a Redfall Inspired Xbox Standard Controller and a Redfall themed Xbox Series X. To enter this sweepstake, you’ll need to complete their Interactive Adventure.

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Fortunately, I have a guide on how to do just that here.

How to Beat Redfall’s Interactive Adventure (and Win a New Xbox)

This interactive adventure (which you can start here) has three options, each of which falls into a category of playstyle. A is the more brash option, B is the more stealth-based option, and C is the “none of my business, let’s keep moving” option.

After restocking at the Basswood safehouse, you see Bellwether operatives patrolling the neighborhood. They’re not vampires, but they’re not friends either. What’s the plan, Layla?

  1. Gotta step in and show these guys who’s boss. This neighborhood belongs to the survivors.
  2. I see something shiny on the docks just past their patrol, so I’ll sneak around them and check it out.
  3. They haven’t seen me yet. Probably smarter for me to just move along for now.

If you select B, you’ll see a “glimpse of the past”. A gauzy flame will speak to you about their past.

Retail Therapy

There’s a pawnshop just up the road. Spots like this are usually great places to stock up, and this one doesn’t look too beat up. Maybe there’s something inside that the looters didn’t get to.

  1. No time to waste. I’m trying the front door.
  2. I can’t tell if there’s something dangerous inside. I should find another way in and stay quiet.
  3. There’s REALLY no time to waste. I need to keep moving.

If you select B, you’ll get another video: Some Peace and Quiet. This will showcase the Pawn Shop you’ll see in the shop, as well as a Home Alarm that you can hack. Good thing you didn’t force your way through the front door!

You’ll need to pick the lock, and you’ll find an excerpt of a book within. Who doesn’t love a good piece of literature? Unfortunately for Redfall, this piece of literature is nonfiction. But there’s also a safe, which will also require a rewire kit to hack. Do so successfully and you’ll get a big pile of guns.

Mist Opportunities

There really isn’t such a thing as “catching a break” here. If it’s not vampires, cultists, or Bellwether, it’s… this. You’ve encountered death mist before, but the amount here is extreme, even for this deathtrap of an island.

  1. I need to find a way to destroy the source. There must be a way to deal with this where I don’t have to die.
  2. I’m going to make a run for it. I’ve made it through the death mist before and lived to tell the tale.
  3. There’s always another way around, especially when you have a sweet magic elevator to help you rise above.

If you select C, you’ll get the video “Up and Over”. This video highlights some of the abilities Layla has. Which is great, because Death Mists sound pretty deadly.

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Out in the Open

The mist is behind you, but you’re still exposed on the open roads. Vulnerable to Watchers and cultist patrols and all of the other darkness plaguing the island. Is there a better option?

  1. No. There’s always going to be something. I’d rather head right down the street and face any danger head-on.
  2. I should definitely avoid open spaces. I see some promising side streets I can check out.
  3. I can make elevators with my mind. Let’s take this party up onto the rooftops and do a little scouting.

If you select B, you’ll get “Down the Alley”.

The alley is quiet, save for the distant shouts of cultists, which is never a good sign. You’re also pretty near a house Reverend Eva asked you to check out. Might be worth lending her a hand.

  1. If there are cultists shouting nearby, they might be holding one of their “recruiting events.” I should take the pep out of that rally.
  2. I own Reverend Eva. She asked me to find some dude’s vampire survival guide recording and get it on the air, so that’s what I’ll do.
  3. I have more important things to worry about right now. I can deal with the rest later.

If you select B, you’ll get the video Slayers and Airwaves.

This video shows the absolute nightmare of booby traps this house is. You’ll have to hack the tripwires to get through. You’ll get the tape recording. Then you’ll be in Dead Catch Records, which is connected to a radio tower.

Within the record shop are two Cultists. And to deal with him, we summon a dude with a burst of purple flame. He seems pretty cool. He also obliterates the Cultists. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few Vampires, but they go down with enough shooting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the local Vampire population likes that.

We then broadcast the vampire slaying message. Good job!

The Night Manager

You’ve finally tracked down the Night Manager. He’s holed up in the basement of an auto repair shop. There are cultists everywhere outside, and some light surveillance shows hostages in the basement with him, surrounded by barrels of gasoline and more cultists. You could probably clear out those enemies pretty quickly by blowing up those barrels, but the civilians are in the line of fire.

  1. There’s a lot worse out there than the Night Manager, and I need to make sure I’m alive to fight it. Let’s light this place up and I can worry about my conscience later.
  2. What’s the point of fighting every day if not to save every person I can? I’ll take it slow, find another way in, and get rid of this guy without any collateral damage.

If you select B, you’ll get the ending “FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HALF-WITCH”.

It took time, precious resources, and a bit of blood, but you managed to take out the Night Manager and save every single hostage in that basement. It’s nice to see the vampires haven’t totally bled this town dry of the little good that remains.

If you don’t much care for this ending, there are quite a few more! But to enter the sweepstakes, all you need to do is the following:

On the final screen of the Redfall Interactive Adventure, click the share button, log into your Twitter or Facebook account as prompted and share the results with the hashtag #Sweepstakes (including the automatically generated hashtag #TakeBackRedfall, link and picture of the Prize).

Remember, your Twitter and Facebook account must be public and thus viewable by the Sponsor and its agents. No other method of entry will be accepted. Yes, I read the actual legal document so you don’t have to. Get that Xbox, gamers!

If this interactive adventure just whetted your appetite for more information about this latest Vampire slaying game, check out our article here: Everything We Know About Redfall So Far: Gameplay, Trailers, Release Window and More.

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