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How to Beat Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

Seriously what kind of fly is she

by Lucas White

Moonshine Mob is one of the first boss fights you can challenge in Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC. As always this is a multiphase battle, with this one changing the character you’re fighting for each phase. While it seems pretty straightforward at first, there are some curveballs that can easily trip you up as the fight goes on. So here’s how it works.

Cuphead Moonshine Mob Boss Guide

The first phase should look familiar if you’ve been playing videogames for a while. A big spider is your first opponent, and he’ll run across a set of three platforms that run the length of the screen. While you’re avoiding it, other hazards will pop in to draw your attention.

If you see flies approaching from the background, you can simply move out of the way and they won’t be a threat. Using a gun like Crackshot will help since you don’t really have to aim. Cops will appear from the sides, and shoot cloudlike projectiles at you. These ones can be pink if you’re looking out for parries. The Spider will also slap a green worm across the screen, which will bounce around at diagonal angles. The last thing to look out for is bombs. These explode when you approach, but take a second to burst. Your best move is to carefully detonate them on purpose to give yourself room.

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In phase two, a fly of some sort will take over for the spider, and set up a phonograph in the middle. Sound waves will surround it and fill the screen in a rotation, but they can only hurt you when they turn red. The cops from before will now simply run across the platforms, and a new enemy (XXX barrels) will do the same. Those ones can be pink, though. That’s it for this phase.

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Next, an evil snail will appear on top of a massive anteater, which will hide the snail under its hat. The platforms are broken now through the middle, and the anteater will try to fake you out with its… face tube thing. Just keep ahead of it and you won’t have to worry about it. Don’t stop shooting and watch out for the cops fighting flies that will bounce around like the green worms earlier.

The fun part kicks in here. When you defeat the anteater you’ll get what looks like a new Knockout graphic, but it’s a fake! The snail will reappear after a moment and start shooting at you. These shots are fast but avoidable, so just pop the snail a few times and you’ll get the real Knockout.

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