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How to Beat Marbled Gohma in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Scourge of the Fire Temple

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Beat Marbled Gohma in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom is quite a rollercoaster ride – and quite literally. After you have completed all five floors of this fiery dungeon connected by intertwined minecart lines and unlocked all five locks, as a reward for all that effort, the final boss of Fire Dungeon awaits you – the large stone spider Marbled Gohma.

Like every boss in Tears of the Kingdom, this one brings quite a challenge, especially if you run into the fight unprepared. Tt sure wiped the floor with me on my first try, but to prevent that from happening to you, check out the guide below. Here’s how to beat the Marbled Ghoma in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Beat Fire Temple Boss Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

For preparation, before you run into the room where the boss is and start the encounter, make sure that you have a lot of health restoring food and some dishes that can speed you up. Having a stock of fast weapons is a must, polearms or swords that should be fused with some attack-boosting items – basically, you want a very fast weapon with a lot of attack power. As for fire protection, you should already have fire-resistant gear on you after you just finished Fire Temple, so you would be good to go.

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Marbled Gohma Fire Temple Boss – Phase One Tactics

During the first phase, you need to avoid the stones that the boss throws at you, after a while these marble blocks will explode, but since in this phase he throws them a little at a time, you can easily avoid them with a quick run without having to destroy them with Yunobo’s Charge ability – instead, focus on the legs of the boss, use Yunobo’s ability to crush them.

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After you destroy his two legs the boss will be stunned for some time, and Yunobo will shout something like “Now’s our chance, goro!”, that is your cue to run to the boss, climb it up until his singular eye is in your melee reach and unload your fastest attacks on it. Just be careful, as soon as the boss starts moving again, jump from him immediately and use Glider to land – staying on him for too long can trigger an animation when the boss knocks Link off of him, which can cost you five or more hearts, so don’t get greedy, get as many shots in and get away in time.

Marbled Gohma Fire Temple Boss – Phase Two Tactics

When Marbled Gohma’s health bar drops to 50% the second phase will start. In this phase, the boss will stick to the ceiling of the room, making it impossible to continue with the tactics from the first phase. Also, the explosive stones he throws at you will be more frequent and he will quickly create a rock cage around Link. Save your Yunobo’s Charge cooldown for this situation when you will need this skill to free yourself before those rocks blow up in your face.

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When your Charge ability cooldown expires, you need to use it again but this time against the curved wall at such an angle that Yunobo could fly up it like a bowling ball of fire all the way to the legs of the Gohma. This aim can be complicated so you can just launch Yunobo against the wall, and hope for a random hit. One successful hit here knocks the boss to the ground again when you can repeat the tactics from phase one – quickly climb and unload your strongest and fastest weapons on his eye. Rinse and repeat until the boss finally perishes.

Other Tactics and Tips for Marbled Gohma Encounter

The strategy above would be the basic and simplest tactic to take down the Fire Temple boss, but of course, there are many other ways to damage him, for example, you can shoot your bow at his eye, if you have a really strong bow and some good damage dealing arrows fused, maybe you can chunk away his health that way too, but it will take more time. Also, those rocks he throws at you can be thrown back at him using the Recall ability, it is very satisfying but it won’t deal much damage.

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After you defeat Marbled Gohma you get one new Heart Container and the Vow of Yunobo, Fire Sage – the ability to use Yonobo’s power via his companion avatar anytime you want, making it easier for you to crush rocks and enemies in the open world.

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