How to Beat Level 20 in OVO: Tips and Tricks

Come on, it's "ONLY" Level 20... right?

OvO Level 20
Screenshot by Prima Games

OvO is another online “Flash” or “Mini-Game” platform game with increasingly challenging levels that cause people to ragequit everything. I have some tips and tricks if you are having trouble beating Level 20 in OvO.

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What to do on Level 20 in OvO

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to beat Level 20 in OvO:

  • Jump-dash between the two spike formations. Easy start, right?
  • Jump over the two spikes. You can hug the wall to gain some height if needed.
  • Jump up to the platform above the number 20.
  • This part is difficult; you need to time the following actions almost perfectly in order not to die:
    • Dash under the three spikes,
    • Jump above the two spikes, and finally,
    • Do not ram yourself into the spikes on the wall in front of you.
  • Gently jump down on the floating platform, and from there, gently jump all the way up. The two spikes at the ceiling will probably be the only issue here. You can dash from the top-left platform and jump out of the dash.
  • Gently glide down the right edge of the level, and just as you are about to touch the spike, jump left. Repeat the process for the next drop, and hold right as you drop through the small hole. If you fall down, it’s not the end of the world; you can climb back up easily.
  • Gently jump into the last chamber, but be very careful not to touch the spikes on the ceiling with your head. It’s never good to die with the flag in your sights.
  • From the last platform, dash and jump into your freedom. Just kidding, welcome to Level 21.

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