How to Avoid Getting Cold at Night in Palworld

Don't die out there alone!

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The first nights in Palworld are the hardest by far as you don’t have anything to keep you warm and safe from danger, and the cold might kill you if you’re not careful. Here’s what you should do to avoid dying an early, frigid death in Palworld.

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How Not to Get Cold in Palworld

As soon as you build your first structures and catch a few Pals, go back to your base and make a Campfire. You learn it from the Technology skill tree at Level 2 and it’s your first protection against the cruel environment. You’ll probably not be dying from the cold alone at the beginning of the game, don’t try to test your luck. You only need two pieces of Wood to craft it too, so it’s pretty easy to get.

But if you want to walk through the world during the night, you’ll need to make yourself some clothes. The first one you can get is the Cloth Outfit. Not only do they protect you from the cold, but will also give you some slight armor. You unlock it at Level 4 with two Technology Points, so make sure you also unlock Cloth as it uses two pieces of that material to craft.

More clothes will be unlocked later down the line as you advance through the game, and they also offer the same basic protection during the night for you. The main difference is that they’ll have better defensive stats and may also have better protection against extreme heat/extreme cold environments you’ll visit later down the line. In the same vein, more structures that help you get warm will be unlocked the more you level up.

If you refuse to keep yourself warm, you’ll eventually start losing life periodically, eventually leading to your death. But since there are almost always some trees next to you, it’ll be almost impossible to die from cold unless you accidentally AFK too far away from a heat source. But that won’t be an issue once you get a hang of the game and start upgrading your Bases.

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