How to Assign Crew to Outposts and Ships in Starfield

Which buddies you choose matters a surprising amount.

Starfield Outpost Crew
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As you progress through the world of Starfield, chances are you’ll be gathering quite the crew to support you on your adventure. Whether it be the main companions like Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe, or other companions that you hire on your journey, you’re bound to find a small army to help you conquer the stars. With that said, it’s best that you put them to good use. Here’s how to assign Crew to your outposts and ships in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Assign Crew Members to Outposts and Ships

To assign new Crew members to your ships and outposts, you’ll want to go to the Data Menu (where you see your character, inventory, etc.) and click on your ship menu in the bottom left. Then, press the Crew button listed in the bottom right to view and assign Crew members. This menu displays a list of all possible Crew members and their skills. Click on a member, and you’ll be able to assign them to either your ship or outpost.

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Starfield Crew Station
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If you’re not seeing the ability to assign a Crew member to an outpost, then you’ll need to build a Crew Station. This can be done by opening the build menu using your Outpost Beacon, navigating to the Miscellaneous tab, and selecting Crew Station. To build one, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 3x Nickel
  • 5x Aluminum
  • 2x Iron

Once one is built in your outpost, the option should show up in the Crew menu mentioned earlier. Assign whoever you want, and you’ll be good to go!

Where to Get Nickel, Aluminum, and Iron in Starfield

Starfield Mining League
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If you find yourself lacking in Nickel, Aluminum, and Iron for some Crew Stations, there are a few ways you can secure them. Nickel is most easily mined on the planet Bondar in the Alpha Centauri system. If you’re looking for Aluminum, then Andraphon, moon of Sumati in the Narion system has plenty. Funny enough, that’s also where my Outpost is in these screenshots. As for Iron, it can most easily be farmed by destroying asteroids and collecting their remains.

If none of that interests you, you can also buy some from a vendor. The easiest one to access is the Mining League, found adjacent to the entrance elevator of Neon. Saburo Okadigbo, the shop owner, sells all three types for anywhere between six and ten Credits a piece. If you need enough for all three Crew Stations, you’ll be looking to pay around 211 Credits. Not too shabby if you ask me.

How Do You Get More Crew Member Slots?

The base Crew member slots are fairly low by default, so you might want to increase them. How you do so changes depending on whether you’re increasing your ship’s Crew size or your outpost’s Crew size. For your ship, you’ll need to acquire some new parts. Class B and Class C reactors will increase your Crew members, while certain other parts also play a role. As for your outpost, you simply need to build more Crew Stations.

Does My Crew Choice Matter?

Starfield Crew
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Who you pick for your Crew does matter. If you’re in the Crew menu, you’ll see that all Crew members have certain stats that are active depending on where they are. If you have Sam Coe in your ship Crew, for example, he’ll provide bonuses to the Piloting and Payloads skill. Lin, on the other hand, will improve your Outpost Management skill if she’s assigned to an outpost.

In other words, certain Crew members will be more valuable depending on if their skills match with your current play-style.

Which Crew Members to Place at Outposts in Starfield

Starfield Supervisor Lin
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Naturally, some Crew members are going to be better styled for an Outpost over something like your ship. While there are around 20 companions to recruit, here are four that provide excellent skills for your Outpost:

  • Supervisor Lin – Level 3 Outpost Management
  • Andromeda Kepler – Level 2 Outpost Engineering
  • Heller – Level 3 Outpost Engineering
  • Rafael Aguerro – Level 1 Outpost Engineering and Level 1 Outpost Management

If you’re looking into more about your Crew, check out our guide on how to change Crew members in Starfield.

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