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While flying across multiple star systems on a solo mission in Starfield can be an exciting prospect, most of you won’t be doing that. Instead, you’ll be running with a few of your companions and trying to make the best of the small crew you’re given. As such, being able to swap them out for different Crew members can be a big help. Here’s how to change your Crew members in Starfield.

How to Swap Crew Members in Starfield

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Changing your Crew members is surprisingly easy once you know where to go. You’ll first want to open the character menu. This is one showing your current planet, skills, inventory, and ship. Select your ship in the bottom left, and you’ll bring up an overlay of detailed ship stats like jump distance and ship class. You want to ignore this and instead press the Crew key listed in the bottom right (C on keyboard by default).

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This will bring up a list of companions along with who is currently assigned to your ship. For most of you, the max Crew members you can have assigned is two. To swap one out, hover over the currently active Crew member you want to be removed and press the Unassign key listed in the bottom right (R on keyboard by default). Then, select the Crew member you want to assign, confirm them to that ship, and you’re done! They’re now a Crew member and will provide boosts to you through their ship stat. Sarah Morgan, for example, provides huge boosts to the Astrodynamics skill. This improves the distance and fuel used when Grav Jumping.

Which Crew Members Should You Have Assigned to Your Ship in Starfield?

I suggest that you set both Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe as your active Crew members if you want to see some well-rounded benefits. Sarah Morgan’s massive boosts to Astrodynamics can make trips much faster, and Sam’s buffs to Piloting and Payloads are invaluable. These skills improve the way you handle your ship, alongside increasing cargo space.

How Do I Increase My Crew Size in Starfield?

Your Crew size is heavily dependent on your ship parts, with certain parts offering a higher Crew capacity. Class B reactors, for example, will increase the Crew capacity by two instead of the standard one, while C Class reactors can increase that to three. A few other ship parts can increase this slightly, though you shouldn’t need more than four Crew members.

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