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How to Teach Pokemon New Moves in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

by Prima Games Staff

Pokemon naturally learn moves as they level up in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but the game lets you nudge them in different directions with the hope of creating a balanced team. Granted, you’ll need a TM (Technical Machine) to do this, but once you obtain one, you’re free to shape a Pokemon’s evolutionary destiny.

That said, keep these Pokemon teaching tips in mind while exploring the Hoenn Region. 

Let’s start with the basics. Every Pokemon can learn up to four moves, and you must tell it to forget one to acquire another. Some minor juggling is involved, especially if you regret forgetting a move your Pokemon had early on. Thankfully it’s not gone forever, and you can visit the Pokemon Move Maniac in Fallarbor Town to learn or relearn these moves, in exchange for a Heart Scale. 

Next up, HMs. Your Pokemon cannot forget an HM unless you swing by the Move Deleter in Lilycove. With that in mind, think twice before filling up a Pokemon’s move slots with too many HMs.   

Remember, though, that it’s all about variety. Avoid teaching a grass-type Pokemon all grass moves because it will be at a disadvantage against steel, poison, flying, fire, dragon, bug and even other grass types. Note we said all grass moves, because it’s a very smart to idea to teach it at least one or two. Why? Matching a Pokemon with a move that corresponds to its type will net you a 50 percent attack bonus. 

Building on this point, Pokemon tend to be higher in one stat, so play to its strength. If the Pokemon possesses superior Attack stats, teach it physical moves. Conversely, a Pokemon with high Sp. Atk stats should learn special moves. 

In addition, each move falls into a category. Physical maneuvers possess high attack stats, and you can protect against them using a high Defense stat. From there, we have Special moves. They’re at their best with a high Sp. Atk stat, and you can protect your Pokemon against them with a high Sp. Def stat. Finally there are Status moves. Although they inflict no damage, they may increase your stats while lowering your opponents’, or cause paralysis and even poison enemies.

Pokemon can also learn moves from Move Tutors. Look for them throughout Hoenn, specifically Mauville City and Sootopolis City. 

Going back to Technical Machines, use TMs to teach Pokemon different moves, but it varies depending on which creatures you have. Open your bag and then check the TMs & HMs section to see if your Pokemon can learn the moves contained therein.   

For more Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire strategies, read Prima’s Beginner and Advanced tips, then make sure you avoid these mistakes. If you need help filling your Pokedex, this feature will tell you how to catch wild Pokemon, and we have all of the Mega Stone locations in the game.

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