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How Tall is Barnaby in Welcome Home ARG? – Answered

Our favorite dog is not always drawn to scale

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing about the neighborhood in Welcome Home, it’s that it draws a diverse array of people to it. All of them very bright colored but with their own peculiar designs. And amongst the most unique of those designs is Barnaby, the blue dog. But just how tall is Barnaby in Welcome Home?

How Tall is Barnaby in Welcome Home ARG? – Answered

Many hard facts about Welcome Home are hard to come by. The secrecy is intentional, as the site is meant to be a multi-layered mystery. But there are a few things we can glean, either from the site itself or from Clown, the site’s creator.

One of those things is the rough estimate of how tall Barnaby B. Beagle, Wally’s best friend, is. On their personal Tumblr, Clown answered the following question:


Is there a height chart as of right now? I would love to see how tall everybody is! And if there is, character compared to character, then how would they size up compared to a human(in terms of their puppet size, that is)?

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In a manner of speaking, I do! There is this image, but I know it must not count because the Characters are not in a Standard Pose! I have Everyone’s heights written down as well! I really wanted to make one to supplement my Portfolio, so I will write down the heights for you in the Mean time!

Their heights are varied when Compared to humans, I believe! They are split into categories as well!

Wally, Sally, and Julie are around 3-feet tall! With Wally being the shortest of them! (But only by About a Smidgen!)

Frank and Eddie are 4-feet tall!

Howdy, Poppy, and Barnaby are 7-8 feet tall!

Thank you!!

So, there we have it!

If you’re curious about other puppets, here’s everything we know so far about Julie and her rainbow monster family in Welcome Home: Who is Julie Joyful’s Family in the Welcome Home ARG? – Answered.

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