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Who is Julie Joyful’s Family in the Welcome Home ARG? – Answered

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by Daphne Fama

Welcome Home has sunk its saccharine and primary-colored claws into our spooky-loving hearts. There’s something oddly mesmerizing about the neighborhood, Wally, Home, and all the neighbors. And while Welcome Home is still in its prologue, there are a few questions we can still answer. Like, who is Julie Joyful’s family in the Welcome Home ARG?

Who is Julie Joyful’s Family in the Welcome Home ARG? – Answered

Julie Joyful might be one of the most iconic neighbors. Right behind Wally, of course! And she has quite the interesting backstory. What we know about Julie so far is that she’s a rainbow monster who originally came from the forest surrounding the neighborhood.

In the forest, she lived with her many siblings in the Childhood Cave. And they, of course, are rainbow monsters too!

We get a glimpse of Julie’s siblings twice. The first time is on the Welcome Home page, in the image carousel. There they feature in the last image. This image is the cleaned-up version of the dirty paper sent to the site creator by an anonymous… benefactor.

But these siblings have names and other concept art.

The blue rainbow monster is Franny Joyful, who seems distinctly grumpier than Julie.

The green rainbow monster is Jonesy Joyful, who has a hidden expression.

And finally, we have Bea Joyful, who shares many similarities with Julie.

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The artist, Clown, notes that these are all Julie’s siblings, and they still live in Childhood Cave in the forest. But it’s possible they’ll make an appearance in the neighborhood at some point, as implied by the dirty page sent to the site curators.

That being said, Clown has noted that concept art created before the site was pushed should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you’re curious about all the secrets discovered in the Welcome Home ARG, check out this article, which is fully up to date and compiles them all in one place: All Discovered Secrets in the Welcome Home ARG.

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