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How to Play the Welcome Home ARG

Sometimes it's fun to discover the secrets yourself. Here's how to get started.

by Daphne Fama

Welcome Home has sunk its cryptic, saccharine claws into the internet. There’s no end to fan edits, cosplays, and wild theories. But if you’ve never an alternate reality game (ARG) you might be wondering how to actually get involved. After all, a game is more fun if you play it yourself. Here’s how to play the Welcome Home ARG.

How to Play the Welcome Home ARG

If you’ve never played an ARG before, you may be confused about how anyone is learning anything from the Welcome Home page.

Like Most ARGs, Welcome Home is a site that’s layered in secrets. But how do you even get started? Here’s the best way to enjoy and ultimately uncover all the aspects of Welcome Home.

Step 1: Explore the Site

Before you even get started, familiarize yourself with the site. Welcome Home is ultimately meant to be a story experience that you immerse yourself in. This is necessary as Welcome Home, like all ARGs, is ultimately a puzzle.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with all the pages, you’ll have both a sense of the story and the variety of places secrets can be hiding.

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Step 2: Examine Each Page Carefully

Next, you’ll want to approach each page carefully. Every single page has a secret of some type. To find those secrets, you’re going to have to utilize a variety of tools. Here are the best ways to explore:

  • Inspect the image address name of each image. Sometimes they’ll contain interesting messages.
  • Press tab to showcase each image with a link. Sometimes, links can be hidden.
  • Take notice of text that seems different from the rest. If you find multiple letters that are different from the rest, keep them in a document. These letters might make a hidden URL.
  • Play with the exposure on images; sometimes, they can hide secrets.
  • There can also be hidden details in images, such as messages.
  • Check out the site on your mobile device. Some secrets can only be revealed while on your phone or tablet.

Step 3: Get Involved in the Community

There are multiple places where the community has gathered to compile secrets and discuss theories. From Reddit to TikTok to Discord, players are all working together to uncover each and every secret that Welcome Home has to offer.

It’s important to note that Welcome Home is still in its prologue, and its creator, Clown, is taking a respite after Welcome Home became a viral hit. That gives you plenty of time to discover the secrets of Welcome Home yourself.

But if you’d like to know precisely where each and every secret is, check out this article which compiles every secret in Welcome Home so far, as well as how to access it yourself: All Discovered Secrets in the Welcome Home ARG.

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