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How Stats Work in Star Ocean The Divine Force

Brought to you by "damn it what does GUTS mean again"

by Lucas White

Star Ocean The Divine Force has a lot of numbers. And you gotta know what those numbers are and what they do, because you’ll be spending a lot of game time working your way through skill trees. Each character has their own skill tree with tons of stat bumps, resistance modifiers and passive abilities. You’ll also see equipment saddled with “Factors,” a whole other set of additional stat bumps. While you can certainly guess what stars like ARK and DEF do, what about something like GUTS? And how about the icons on the skill tree? Here’s an explainer you can check for how stats in Star Ocean The Divine Force work so you don’t have to dive back into the tutorial menu.

What Stats Mean in Star Ocean The Divine Force

There are five main stats in The Divine Force, then a suite of resistances for magic and status effects. Here’s what it all means:

  • Lv: The character’s strength level
  • HP: Health Points! Yeah, I know.
  • ATK: Physical attack power
  • INT: Magic attack power (and efficacy for healing)
  • DEF: Here’s defense against physical attacks.
  • GUTS: The important one that isn’t obvious! GUTS calculates both your ability to avoid status effects, and inflict them as well.

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Resistance is a bigger menu that lists out the different skill elements as well as status effects. These numbers determine defense or avoidance.


  • Fire – It’s hot
  • Water – It’s cold
  • Wind – This is electricity? But also wind?
  • Earth – Hit bad men with big rock

Status Effects:

  • Poisoned – Take “major” damage with each skill use
  • Scorched – Minor damage over time, no damage during skills
  • Frozen – Unable to move, and being hit has a chance to “shatter,” dealing lots of damage (but freeing your movement)
  • Confused – All Factors and passive skills are nullified, and skills may have friendly fire
  • Weakness – This is the catch-all term for stat debuffs. Weakness resistance applies to any sort of stat debuff from various enemy skills.

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