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How Old is Mei in Overwatch 2? – Answered

Not a very chill question.

by Nikola L
Overwatch 2 Mei and Snowball

Mei-Ling Zhou (周美灵) is a popular Overwatch 2 character. She is a Chinese climatologist, and in Overwatch 2, she takes on the DPS (Damage) role. She also loves a good adventure! In-game, she is voiced by Elise Zhang in both English and Chinese.
But how old is Mei, really?

There are different sources of information and different opinions when it comes to this question and we are here with a definitive answer to this question along with an explanation of why this is the case.

What’s Mei’s Age in Overwatch 2?

Mei’s kit in Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 revolves around icy matters and she can be really fun to play!

According to the lore, Mei was at Watchpoint: Antarctica, doing her climate research and what have you until a really bad and freezing polar storm came about. Due to how overwhelming it was, Mei was forced to put herself in cryo-stasis, essentially meaning that she would remain frozen like a popsicle, preserved for when a rescue team came along to save her.

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Sadly, nobody did.

Mei got out of the Cryo-Stasis after nine years, appearing not a day older from the climate incident. She was left all alone with a robot called Snowball, not many supplies, and ruined comms. True nightmare. Eventually, she got things sorted and left. And, there you see, is the reason for the discrepancy about her actual age.

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Mei (when we are looking at calendar years) is 40 years old. However, due to her body being preserved in cryo-stasis for nine years without getting a day older, she is technically still 31 years old. Think of it as time travel to the future.