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How Many Vivariums can You Get in Hogwarts Legacy?

Build yourself a zoo.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

As you progress through the main story in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll eventually come across Deek and the Room of Requirement. He is the house elf that introduces you to the nab-sack for beasts and the Vivarium that you need to hold them all at once.

You’ll quickly notice with the base Vivarium that you can only hold twelve beasts at a time, and even then, you can only have four species within a single place. With so many beasts to capture in Hogwarts Legacy, that means you need some more spaces to hold them, and we’ll go over how many you can expect to unlock in your journey.

Hogwarts Legacy – How Many Vivariums can You Unlock?

In total, there are four different Vivariums that can be unlocked for the Room of Requirement. Each one has a new biome for you to place your beasts in and plenty of space. Like the base version, each new unlock will grant you with 12 more spaces and the opportunity for 4 more species.

The first one that you unlock looks like the basic landscape around Hogwarts in the spring. After that, you’ll unlock the swamp, the coastal, and the mountains biome, in that order. Each time a new Vivarium is unlocked, the Room of Requirement will expand in size in Hogwarts Legacy.

To unlock more spaces, all you need to do is follow the questline that Deek has for you. Each time you reach a new milestone with him and his quests, the Room of Requirement expands. Within no time, you’ll have all four Vivarium biomes and you can craft all the traits you need.

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