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Finding hidden treasures and solving puzzles is definitely more important than saving the Kingdom, and that’s why players will spend hours completing the various Shrines scattered around Tears of the Kingdom. While some of them are mandatory to complete the game, the biggest amount of them is skippable, and most people won’t even reach some of them. But how many are there exactly?

How Many Shrines Are There in Tears of the Kingdom?

There are exactly 152 Shrines in TotK. Be ready to wander around Hyrule for a long time! Of all of these ancient temples, 120 of them are located on the surface, and 32 are on The Great Sky Island, so you’ll definitely have your hands full in both explorable regions. Many can be found during regular exploration, but you might have to go out of your way for a few of them.

Most Shrines will play out in the same fashion: explore, complete a quick puzzle, and exit. Sometimes you’ll also have some action combat to shake things up, so be ready. It’s definitely a herculean task, so do it at your own pace so you won’t get all burned out from mindlessly chasing your rewards.

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After completing all 152 Shrines, you can now complete another Side Quest named “The Shrine Explorer”, which is exactly what you are at this point. Get back to the Temple of Time, and you’ll notice that there’s a chest next to the Goddess Statue. This chest contains the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor, your final reward for all of that hard work.

You’re bound to find various treasures along the way, and the final Armor set is far from the last one you’ll encounter in this journey. Check out our list to find other, just as useful pieces of armor around Hyrule.

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