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How Many Planets are in Jedi Survivor? – Answered

Cal has a long journey. Who is going to planet?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shattered Moon

No matter what you’re watching or playing in the Star Wars universe, visiting new planets is part of the appeal, and Jedi Survivor is no different. Just like Fallen Order, the sequel has more than one major planet or location that Cal Kestis must visit in order to finish his latest adventure with the Mantis crew.

Some players wanted to see more planets in Jedi Survivor than there were in Fallen Order, but the size of the planets also comes into play with the sequel title. In this guide, we’ll go over how many planets there are in the game and how they affect the size of the game as a whole.

What is the Planet Total in Jedi Survivor?

There are six different planets that can be played at some point in the Jedi Survivor main story. This was the number that was initially advertised before the launch of the game, and it’s the number we have by the end of the story. However, saying there are six planets is a little misleading in the context of the full game.

Jedi Survivor is set up like a semi-open world, and planets like Koboh are massive. Koboh has multiple locations that are the size of some of the other planets within the game. In the context of a semi-open world, there are really only three locations that fit that description. The other three planets are essentially one level that is tied to the story. You can revisit them, but they aren’t about exploration.

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For those that played Fallen Order, think of Ilum as a comparison to planets like Coruscant or even Nova Garon by the end of the game. They are much smaller in comparison to the initial locations. Though the explorable planet count is really only three, they are much larger than planets seen in Fallen Order and will even allow you to ride mounts due to the sheer size.

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