How many people are playing Fortnite right now? Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Player Numbers

It's time to blast "Chug Jug With You" again.

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Fortnite has always been a popular game, but the return of the original map seems to be driving plenty of players back into the game. Shattering records on opening day is a normal thing for the Battle Royale titan, but how many people are playing?

How Many People Are Currently Playing Fortnite?

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Anticipation was high from the start with the announcement of the original Fortnite map’s return, but we could have never expected to see these kinds of numbers. Since the start of the season, the game has accrued over 3,300,000 players jumping on consecutively, breaking their previous by a fair margin. It seems that those who haven’t played the game in quite some time are flocking back in full force to experience the nostalgia of the original map once again.

Over the years, Fortnite has continued to stay popular and relevant as the team at Epic Games continues to add new modes, maps, and more to keep the game feeling fresh. However, it seems that the pangs of nostalgia are hitting hard, as players (myself included) are eager to see what started it all looks like in a new coat of Unreal Engine 5 goodness. It’s a sight for sore eyes and a great way to show players what kicked off the phenomenon. Just make sure you know how to check the server status, as the game may start to crash soon.

No matter if you’re a Fortnite OG, or you’re someone that has recently started playing the game, we’ve got you covered in our Fortnite section below. Get your hands on plenty of tips and tricks to get better at the game, and find out how to avoid running into the dreaded Error codes 91 and 93 to ensure that you’re always ready to squad up with your friends.

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