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How Many Chapters Are in Harvestella? – Answered

Hours of managing your soil.

by Patrick Souza

Being the perfect match between farm games and also a traditional JRPG, Harvestella gets the best of both worlds to make its own unique experience. So it’s not unusual when we find out that aside from the Seasons that give certain benefits to harvesting specific types of crops, there’s also a Chapters system to measure your current progress. But how many chapters are there for you to complete in Harvestella?

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How Many Chapters Are in Harvestella?

If you’re really engaged in tackling all of Harvestella’s content to the end, you’ll have your hands full for a while as the game contains a total of 10 chapters. According to the devs, there’s enough content for about 50 to 60 hours in total, and that could ramp up pretty quickly if you’re aiming to get a full completion, which would involve getting all the collectibles, besting all of the world bosses, exploring every single dungeon, and an incredibly obscene amount of harvesting.

But while there are 10 chapters, they’re numbered only up to 9. Without dwelling on major spoilers, the game has two possible bad endings that you can meet at the end of Chapter 9. But you can reach the true ending for Harvestella if you meet the correct requirements, advancing to the Epilogue, considered the 10th chapter in the game, and where you fight the real final boss.

So there are no big issues about ending the game on Chapter 9 aside from that empty feeling you might get for not clearing the whole game. The Epilogue chapter is the real conclusion to the story, and going after it will be worth it.

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Since getting to that point will take you a LOT of time, make sure you’re well prepared by getting into our Harvestella guides on Prima Games.