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How Long is FFXIV Extended Maintenance (April 2023)

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by Jesse Vitelli

FFXIV often sees maintenance before significant patch drops or for other emergency reasons. This time, FFXIV for the North American servers sees an extended matinee. How long will FFXIv be down for? We have the answer below.

How Long is FFXIV Extended Maintenance? (April 2023)

Currently, FFXIV is down from April 3, 2023, at 3 am EST to April 4, 2023, at 3 am EST. This is a 24-hour maintenance period due to the replacement of North American server hardware.

The game will be down for any players on a North American server until the maintenance period ends on April 4.

Since the team needs to replace older hardware on the servers, the only safe way to do this is to take the servers completely offline to ensure that no data is lost or destroyed in the process.

The FFXIV companion app will also be down to ensure nothing is transferred or lost in the process since the app cannot connect to the server at this time.

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When the servers return online on April 4, the new 6.38 patch will also be implemented, bringing a handful of new changes to the game, primarily around PVP and Crystalline Conflict. You can check out all of the patch notes for patch 6.38 here.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how long the FFXIV extended maintenance for April is. Check out all of our tips and tricks for FFXIV. If you missed the live letter from the producer for FFXIV patch 6.4 The Dark Throne, you can check out everything announced here. Plenty was announced, like new Blue Mage spells, a new dungeon and trial, and so much more.

Once maintenance ends, you’ll be free to go spend all of your time at The Gold Saucer again, you sickos.

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