FFXIV: How to Enter the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon in 6.3

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Patch 6.3 is finally here, and Final Fantasy XIV players are jumping into a new world of possibilities with all the different content thrown their way. Along with the new alliance raid, dungeons, trials, and Hildibrand quests is a side activity that’s sure to fill your heart with excitement and your pockets with Gil – we’re talking about the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon Treasure Dungeon. Grab a crew and get ready for a wild ride. Here’s how to enter the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon Treasure Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3.

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FFXIV: How to Enter the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon in 6.3

Like all other Treasure Dungeons in FFXIV, you’ll only be able to enter them by following specific treasure maps and opening the respective coffers they lead you to – but only if you’re lucky. Coffers will regularly contain common to rare goodies inside, but every now and then, a magical portal will pop out, leading you to a treasure dungeon.

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In the case of the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon, you’ll need to open treasure coffers from Ophiotauroskin treasure maps. These maps are newly added in patch 6.3, and require you to have a job at level 90 to participate in. These maps can be gathered by level 90 Disciples of the Land once every 18 hours (Earth time), but can be deciphered as many times as you’d like. The Ophiotauroskin treasure maps can only be gathered from level 90 nodes in the Elpis zone.

If you don’t have a level 90 Disciple of the Land, there are other methods of obtaining the treasure maps, including buying them outright from the Market Board.

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The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon Treasure Dungeon will see the return of the spinning roulette wheel type of minigame, where the map owner can interact with an arcane sphere within the dungeon to initiate the spin. Depending on what emblem the icon lands on will determine what type of enemies will be summoned to defeat and what treasures will be awarded for defeating them. Or, if you’re out of luck, it may just kick the entire party out of the dungeon.

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