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Everything Announced in the FFXIV 6.4 The Dark Throne Live Letter From The Producer

Everything from the 76 Live Letter From The Producer for patch 6.4.

by Jesse Vitelli

The 76 Live Letter From The Producer is here, and with it is a ton of new information on patch 6.4, The Dark Throne. FFXIV is constantly expanding, and with every live letter, we learn more about the next content update for FFXIV. Here is everything included in the Live Letter From the Producer for FFXIV’s patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

Everything Announced in the FFXIV 6.4 The Dark Throne Live Letter From The Producer

The patch will release on May 23, 2023.

All unofficial translations were done through the FFXIV Discord.

New Dungeon The Aetherfont

The new dungeon releasing in patch 6.4 is titled the Aetherfont. A few images have been released showcasing Polar Bears, giant waterfalls, and more.

New Trial The Voidcast Dais

The Voidcast Dais dungeon will feature Golbez, the villain from Final Fantasy IV and the enemy we have been fighting in the shadows since the beginning of the 6.X patch series. There will also be an extreme version of this fight as per usual.

New Unreal Trial Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal)

This will come later in the patch, like 6.41 or 6.45. Special Unreal Rewards have been added to the loot table.

Pandaemonium Anabaseios Raid

The final tier of the Pandaemonium raid series is releasing. This will wrap up the story first set out in Endwalker. The savage version of the raid will release one week after patch 6.4

Variant & Criterion Dungeon Mount Rokkon

There will be three difficulties for Mount Rakkon. Normal, Criterion, and Criterion (Savage). You will not have to complete the first dungeon Sil’dihn Subterrane to unlock Mount Rakkon.

Duty Support for Stormblood

The Duty Support system will be added for the following dungeons in Stormblood.

  • The Sirensong Sea
  • Bardam’s Mettle
  • Doma Castle
  • Castrum Abania
  • Ala Mhigo

Adjustments For PvP

Patch 6.4 will kick off the beginning of PvP series four and season seven of Crystalline Conflict.

Frontline adjustments have been announced.

  • New UI element displaying match time and score
  • The Fields of Glory (Shatter) rules adjusted
  • The Borderland Ruins (Secure) is Temporarily unavailable

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Blue Mage Update

Blue Mage Update in patch 6.45. The Level Cap has been raised from 70 to 80, and new spells and Blue Mage exclusive gear have been added.

Ocean Fishing Update

There will be a new route for Ocean Fishing (towards Kugane.)

Island Sanctuary Updates

New updates are coming to Island Sanctuary. This includes new ranks and visions for players to achieve. A brand new gathering area will also be available.

Players will also have new construction plots in the Hideaway.

  • New Item Rewards
  • New Materials
  • Craftable Items
  • Crops
  • Animals
  • Isleworks Handicrafts
  • New Structures

Patch 6.4 will add support for outdoor furnishings in the Hideaway. As players progress, they will be able to unlock a maximum of 90 slots.

You cannot place certain furnishings like striking dummies and gardens.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Allagan Tomestones of Comedy will be added
  • The maximum number of gear sets will be increased to 100
  • Job icons will now be displayed in the chat log and on player nameplates.
  • The transaction fee for items sold on the market board can now be incorporated into their total price, displayed under “total.”
  • Glasses and wing fashion accessories will now be displayed when engaged in battle in the overworld.
  • Items stored in various locations can now be selected when casting glamours in an Inn Room.
  • Fairy glamour is now available to Scholars
    • Select from Eos, Selene, or Carbuncle

That’s everything about patch 6.4 in the 76 Live Letter From The Producer. We won’t have to wait too much longer for patch 6.4 and everything it will bring. For more FFXIV news, tips, and content, stay right here.

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