How Long Does it Take to Finish High Isle Chapter in Elder Scrolls Online? – Answered

Is High Isle a lengthy play or a short skit?

Elder Scrolls Online has seen several expansions since its original release in 2014. Some have added to the game’s overall popularity, such as Morrowind, while some have been criticized for not offering as much. The newest chapter, High Isle, came out on June 21 with tons of new content for players to beat – but how long does it take to finish The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle? Here’s everything you need to know.

How Long to Beat High Isle Chapter in Elder Scrolls Online? 

Elder Scrolls Online puts focus on adventure and exploring, but the High Isle chapter comes with a political background. A secret order of knights threatens to end peace talks between three warring alliances, pushing Tamriel into eternal conflict. 

On a mission to uncover the shadowed conspiracy, you will traverse two new zones, High Isle and Amenos, do countless quests, kill many different monsters, and complete various challenges. Moreover, you will get two new companions and discover new mythic items. 

With the ton of new content for yourself to immerse in, it will take time to complete the main story and side quests. 

According to reports, you will need around 20 hours to finish High Isle in Elder Scrolls Online. However, you will also play a deck-building card game, Tales of Tribute. 

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The card game is unlike any out there as it isn’t focused on combat but rather on building unique deck sets known as Patrons. 

Build a unique game strategy with a shared set of cards. Give it a chance, and you could see yourself playing it for over 200 hours alone. It won’t take long before you are all set and defeating other players. 

Is High Isle Worth It? 

The mix of skepticism and excitement overwhelmed fans once High Isle was released, and as players completed the main story, a sigh of disappointment could be heard online. However, there are still reasons to get and finish High Isle as it offers more than a dozen fun hours on PC and console.  

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