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How Long Does Hogwarts Legacy Take to Complete?- Answered

Not even magic can last forever

by Patrick Souza
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Open world games tend to take a little extra of your time to complete, and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. With lots of side quests, collectibles, trials, and secrets to uncover on the school grounds, you may find yourself casting spells and charms for hours before reaching the final credits.

So how much time would it take to complete all of the main quests and get to the ending? The game itself can be pretty lengthy, but here’s how long it takes to complete it for most people playing at a regular pace.

How Long Is Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Players can expect to take from 30 to 35 hours on average to finish Hogwarts Legacy’s main story. You can still keep playing the game after going through the credits to collect any spells or items you might have missed during the main game, so don’t worry about that sweet 100% completion right away.

When going through that aforementioned route, you can get around 50 hours of total gameplay to get 100%. Just like in the books, Hogwarts houses a myriad of secrets that cannot be easily found even by the wisest of wizards. Take your time and find them at your own pace, as those metrics can differ for everyone. Don’t feel bad if you take a few extra hours.

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It’s important to notice that certain achievements ask you to go through the game with each of the four houses, so you’ll probably need to make use of all of those save files. They’re all related to finding the Map Chamber, so you can hop to a new file as soon as you get the specific achievement/trophy unless you REALLY want to experience the whole game as a representative of each house. The game might have charmed you enough to do so.

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