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How to Join a Posse in Red Dead Online

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re looking for a great way to team up with other players or your friends, you should probably know how to join a posse in Red Dead Online. We’ve got you covered and will teach you how to join a posse in Red Dead Online, starting with the first step in the process. Thankfully, the whole process isn’t too hard to complete, but we’ll go everything you need to know to join a posse in the game, or even create your own posse in Red Dead Online.

How to Join a Posse in Red Dead Online

The easiest way to get yourself into a posse is to join one that’s already made. You can see how many posses there are by pressing Left on the D-Pad and then navigating down to the posse selection on the player menu. Here you’ll see the number of posses, the number of players in each posse, and the name of the posses currently in your session.

If a posse is open, then you can select it and join it directly, giving you access to the locations of your posse members, as well as teaming you up with whoever is in that posse. If you’re looking to make your own posse, though, you can simply press Square on the PlayStation 4 to open up the posse screen, where you’ll find several more options.

How to Make a Posse

Making a posse allows you to be the leader of the posse. This means you can start events and missions and even set waypoints on the map for your posse members to follow. OF course, there’s a bit more to making a posse than there is to joining one, so let’s go over a few options.

When you choose to form a posse you’ll find yourself looking at a screen with six options. Here you’ll be able to choose the type of your posse, Temporary or Persistent. We’ll touch on this more in a minute, but for the most part you’ll probably be going with Temporary, at least at the start.

Next you can choose the privacy of your posse. If you just want friends joining, then choose Invite Only. If you’re cool with random players being able to join then choose to have it set as an Open posse.

The next option allows you to control whether friendly fire is enabled or not. If you don’t know what friendly fire is, basically it allows you to hurt other members of your posse. If you don’t want to risk damage from other players in your posse, then turn friendly fire to off.

After setting your friendly fire options, it’s time to choose where you want your main camp set up. This is your basic camp when you’re using the Temporary posse option, but your posse members will be able to rest up and change their clothes, so make sure you choose a location close to where you want to operate out of.

Finally, you can name your posse. Unfortunately, you can’t name temporary posses, so you’ll only be given this option if you’re forming a persist posse.

What is a Persistent Posse?

Curious what the difference between a temporary and a persistent posse is? Well, basically, temporary posses are disbanded completely when the leader heads offline. This means the posse is only around until the session ends and you leave the game. Because of this, no stats are saved for the temporary posse and you won’t have full functionality of the different posse mechanics.

For persistent posses, though, players will be able to leave sessions and rejoin, and everyone added to the posse will remain within it. You can also name the posse and any stats for your posse will save, allowing you to truly make a name for yourself. You’ll also be able to set up a full-on posse camp, which you can upgrade and build up similar to the camps in the single player. The big difference here, though, is that Persistent Posses cost $200 to set up, so you’re going to need to save up a bit before you can form one.

That’s really all you need to know about posses in Red Dead Online. Now that you know how to join and make posses, you can start your adventure off right and run the wilderness with your friends. Make sure you also check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more guides and helpful strategies.

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