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How to Heal in Resident Evil 7 – All First Aid Items

by Josh Hawkins

The Baker’s residence is full of danger and terrifying creatures, and it only stands to reason that players are going to need to perform some kind of first aid during their time in Resident Evil 7. While there are a few different ways that first aid works, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about healing yourself in Resident Evil 7, including which first aid items do what, and how to combine them to create stronger, more potent healing items and formulas.

How to Regenerate Health in Resident Evil 7

If you get hit by enemies, then you’re going to lose some of your precious health. With several different forms of enemies to battle, you never know how strong each new variation will be. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you understand how Resident Evil 7 handles health regeneration. 

While Ethan Winters, the main protagonist of the story, begins each difficulty mode with the same amount of health, the effect of health regeneration differs depending on which difficulty mode you play through.

In Easy mode, players will regenerate health quickly, with around half of the total health amount being able to be regenerated.

Normal difficulty is a tad more challenging, which health regeneration coming much more slowly, and with players only being able to regenerate around a fourth or fifth of their total health.

Madhouse difficulty is by far the most challenging, though, as it offers absolutely no health regeneration effects, so players will need to use items to gain health back.

Healing Items in Resident Evil 7

Aside from the basic health regeneration included in the lower difficulty modes, players can also use special items to heal wounds on their body and regain their health. There are currently three tiers of these items, with each one requiring additional items to be created.

The most basic tier of health items in Resident Evil 7 is the Herb. This is a franchise mainstay, that many Resident Evil fans will remember from the older games in the series. Using this item will heal around one-fourth of your total health, making them fairly weak when it comes to healing items. Because of the small amount of health that they restore, we highly suggest holding onto these items to combine them into higher quality first aid remedies. Though, they can be useful in a pinch, these items can only be used from the inventory screen.

The second tier of health items is the First Aid Med. This item is made by combining a Herb with a regular Chem Fluid, and will most likely be one of your most used items in the entire game. It heals around one-half of your total health, making it extremely useful for keeping Ethan’s health points above minimal levels. You can also set it to work with the healing shortcut, which will keep you from having to open your inventory every time that you need to heal.

The final tier of health items in Resident Evil 7 comes in the form of the Strong First Aid Med. Like the First Aid Med, this item can be bound to the healing shortcut, but the items needed to make this concoction are very rare. Because of this, we highly recommend holding on to the items until you are sure you will need them. Then you can combine them into the Strong First Aid Med and make use of it. If you make them before you need them, you run into the issue of possibly using them at the wrong time by accidentally pressing the healing shortcut button. The Strong First Aid Med complete refills Ethan’s health bar, but the Strong Chem Fluid that you need to make it is extremely rare.

Alongside the three basic health items, players can also come across special items called Steroid Upgrades, which raise your maximum health amount. They also recover any health you’ve lost along the way, though, so it is recommended that players hold onto these items and only use them when they need a free heal.

That’s everything you need to know about healing items and how to use them in Resident Evil 7. You can return to our Resident Evil 7 guide to learn more about the game, including how to get your first gun. We also have a really handy guide on how to save in Resident Evil 7, so be sure to give it a read before diving into the franchise’s latest adventure.

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